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  1. What a great competition for middle school and high school students! We were privileged to be part of this year’s Young Entrepreneur Program in all is “Dragon’s Den” style hoopla! Judging the teams was great fun, and seeing the energy, creativity, and spark of entrepreneurship made me hope that some of it would rub off on us old guys. ;-)

    I hope government support continues for extra-curricular events like this so that the teachers can be enabled to promote and tutor student teams. This type of academic competition mixed in with real business viability is so important. The challenge this year was getting enough buy-in from all the schools to heat up the competitive atmosphere. Word on the street was that teachers were overstretched and the Young Entrepreneur Program was outside of everything else going on in the schools. I hope next year that the Dragon’s Den competition can be integrated with School District 23′s mandate and curriculum, so that teachers are really empowered to help the student teams reach new levels.

    Twin Creek Media was proud to be the Platinum Sponsor this year. Thanks to COEDC, School District 23, and Okanagan College School of Business for making this happen. AND kudos to the parents and teachers who mentored these fine young folks.

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