1. Hi Amelia & James -

    Thanks for mentioning us in your post, you’ve include a lot of great information. I thought you might also be interested in some list building best practices for list segmentation that we have pulled together here:


  2. [...] It all starts with your Customer List Well, you can’t send out a newsletter without a list of email addresses.  Constant Contact allows you to import CSV’s of your customer’s email addresses.  You can also divide up your customer’s email addresses into separate lists.  For example, if you have multiple locations you can divide up your emails based on what location is nearest them.  This way you can better target your promotions to your customers.  For more information on how to build your email list click here: http://www.twincreekmedia.com/blog/2010/06/got-a-store-build-your-email-list/ [...]

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