1. James…that was a great presentation this morning for the Kelowna Chamber. The feedback cards rated the topic and the presentation as “excellent”. Great mix of facts and ‘what to do’ info. Great stuff! Your presentation generated alot of discussion…you may have noticed that nobody left after it was finished. Again, thanks for a job well done!

  2. James
    Just reviewed your presentation on the blog. Wow – do I feel out of touch! There is no better way than word of mouth in my industry – the construction industry. Will need to get off my butt and get going with this.

  3. Thanks Weldon. I’m glad that people found the information useful. It’s great to attend conferences in Chicago and Seattle and come back to Kelowna and share the wealth! Several people have contacted us for follow up. It seems there’s a growing demand for Social Media Marketing in the Okanagan. (Right Ken!?)

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