1. Yoda

    May the farce be with you!

  2. you still there James, or are you feeling the squeeze yet?

  3. Just got this in my email box too. ;-)

    Name: Ariel

    Email: ariel@underthesea.com

    Phone: Catch me on on my shell…

    Budget: 50k+

    Timeframe: You have until my legs fall off and my tail grows back…..

    Project Description / Comments: As a princess and cultural icon, I feel I need to reach out to my people more. As one of my adoring masses, I know I can trust you to attend to my social media needs. James, could you just drop everything else and make sure I’m trending higher than GaGa, (such a wannabe), by low tide.

    Her Royal Fishiness

  4. I think the biggest problem is that a light year is a measure of distance (approx 5,878,000,000,000 miles) not a measure of time.

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