February 2013

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Twin Creek Media Kelowna Marketing Agency

In the spirit of integrated marketing, we’ve designed a newspaper ad for the Okanagan Business Examiner.  It’s a styled like an email with an authentic looking paper clip holding the “email attachment” as a nod to all the years of blaming the paper clip in MS Outlook or Apple Mail for missing attachments. Integrated Marketing…

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Kelowna Marketing for The Greenery Garden Centre

Build it and they will come. That’s the way a lot of Kelowna web design companies think. You ask for a website. They build it and say good-bye. Fingers crossed, the site helps you boost sales and site traffic. Is that the kind of strategy you want for your business? Our Kelowna marketing company, Twin Creek…

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Twin Creek Media Responsive Mobile Website Design - GoMo

You’ve probably heard about responsive web design in and around Kelowna. It involves building a website so it adapts to any device—desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. But is that enough? As Kelowna web designers, a lot of our Twin Creek Media clients are asking: Do we need a responsive web design or a separate mobile website? Well, that…

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