1. Henrietta Poirier

    Ah yes, the almighty all powerful Google. Just been reading up on Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, and although I’m delighted to learn that it is designed to decipher and determine “quality” content, I don’t understand how the bots can do this. Keywords and phrases are still necessary to determine what the content is all about, how can the bots understand quality writing.

    And, is it fair that Google can penalize companies for black hattery when so many people unknowingly use black hat tactics through ignorance of the Google rules.

    I guess the bottom line is – hire a good media company – and a good writer :)

  2. Haha… good points Henrietta! I often wonder the same thing. I suppose if Google throws enough billions of dollars at a smart human-like algorithm to figure out what real humans truly value, it will eventually be perfect, right? ;-)

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