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Mobile Search Engine Optimization

We all know mobile optimization is important, but even still, only 16% of marketers have developed a mobile strategy aimed at customer engagement, according to a CMO Council study. And only 14% said they were satisfied with the way their brands are accessing and leveraging mobile. So… what gives? Well, mobile is relatively unchartered territory….

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Google Building Headquarters

I sometimes imagine Google’s search engine as this massive, steam-powered, Jules Verne-esque machine. The machine is constantly guarded and resides in a secret, subterranean bunker beneath Google’s Mountain View headquarters. As millions upon millions of search queries come in, Google employees feverishly shovel more and more coal into the firebox, and the engine roars and…

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Creative Instagram Marketing Ideas

It takes a gentle touch to run a corporate social media account. You want to connect with your subscriber base, but you still need to have a cohesive marketing campaign. The best campaigns use vibrant images and strong themes to communicate their company message. These creative Instagram accounts show that if you do it right,…

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