James Shaw

The Guide: Mobile Websites for Business

Remember that cool 1980s movie ET? Throughout the whole movie the cute little long-necked alien just wanted to get home. I was a kid in the 80′s and I remember sitting in the theater (dreaming about flying on my BMX bike like that!) and hearing that famous line, “ET phone home?” It just struck me…

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Science of Storytelling Info Graphic

This info graphic beautifully illustrates how important images & stories are to human beings.  Business owners, marketers, writers, web designers, and anyone in a communications role will benefit from learning about the science of story telling. In a marketing context, brands with more powerful narratives tend to be more successful.  Product or services that place…

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Confessions Of A 30 Year Old Entrepreneur

First confession… I’m actually 38. (but that would ruin the Mark Zuckerberg comparison) The Blurry Decade Like most entrepreneurs and business owners, my work life and personal life have blurred together. Finishing college, starting a business/career, starting a family, getting a mortgage, etc. all at once is basically insane.  Let’s cram all of life’s most…

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