Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Building Headquarters

I sometimes imagine Google’s search engine as this massive, steam-powered, Jules Verne-esque machine. The machine is constantly guarded and resides in a secret, subterranean bunker beneath Google’s Mountain View headquarters. As millions upon millions of search queries come in, Google employees feverishly shovel more and more coal into the firebox, and the engine roars and…

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Marketing agencies exist to help communicate the message of other companies.  They are creative storytellers, entertainers, and influencers.  If you X-RAYED a marketing agency you’d probably see something like the illustration below.  Some firms specialize in just one area, while others are full-service, integrated agencies. Enjoy the infographic below, knowing that marketing agencies are filled…

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If you work in a digital marketing role, you’re probably always obsessing over top Google rankings for your products/services.  Search engine result pages (SERPs) are busier than ever with ads, local listings (map pointers), and new-fandangled thingies like image carousels and knowledge graphs, mixed in with good old fashioned organic search results.  Ever wonder what…

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