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With Everyone Specializing, Who is Generalizing?

While most other marketing companies in the Okanagan are focusing on a particular industry (like real estate or non-profit) or a particular service (like only web development), we find the need growing for a true full-service marketing firm.  In the changing landscape of the Kelowna marketing scene (see Richard Taylor's recent analysis here), many of the larger marketing firms in the Okanagan have suddenly left the party or changed gears entirely.  The result of the changes has been an odd shortage of what I call "marketing generalists".

Suddenly, everyone in the marketing world has scrambled to find a niche of their own. Over the last few years, we've witnessed some local marketing companies go hard into a niche market, like real estate development.  Others choose a niche tool -  just one channel of marketing...  "We do strategic consulting." or "We do web design." or "We do radio." or "We do print." or "We do Search Engine Optimization." or "We do video."  Where's the company that does it all?  Where in the world did all the MARKETING companies go? Well, that's where Twin Creek Media fits in.

Ironically, we are experts in being general.  We offer... a full range of marketing services (click for list).  Ah, but I hear the objections... no one can do all things well.  Yes, I agree.  That's why we've structured our company a little differently than most.  We have 4 people on our executive team, and 12 part-time specialists on our creative team.  I think this is the best business model for our industry in 2010.  It is very flexible for us, offering financial and operating agility, and brings huge advantages to our clients.  They get consistent leadership and project management while scoring the specialized resources that make up our "dream teams".  Normally, clients get "A" there, "B" the other place, "C" somewhere else, and run around between various companies fitting things altogether.  The result: lack of clarity, lack of continuity, lack of harmony in the marketing message.

Instead, at Twin Creek Media clients get a well-rounded range of marketing services... from assessing the need, creating the materials, and choosing the right tool(s) for the job.  We seem to fit in very nicely with SMBs (small/mid-sized businesses) - companies with 10 to 50 employees.  The Okanagan and BC in general is swimming with companies of this size, from high tech to hospitality to government agencies. "You can't be all things to all people" is a famous truism that is passed down from parent to child, teacher to the student.... and marketing firms around Canada seem to be really taking it to heart. The downside is extreme fragmentation. 

Since most marketing companies have given up trying to please everyone by offering both digital and traditional media services, the marketplace has birthed a new niche market: the un-niche. Yes, the un-niche is the newest niche. Like black is the new white, or is it already white is the new black?  Anyway, in marketing, Twin Creek Media aims to be the gold standard in general marketing.  Roughly half our staff are Gen X and Y - we understand the digital world.  We live on the internet.  We breathe Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, digital video, SEM, SEO, mobile apps... we know how to integrate the best of what today's technology has to offer with what is tried and true in the advertising universe - the big 3: print, radio, TV.

"We love integrated marketing. Assessing your market and understanding your target audience is critical.  Creating the concept, designing the visuals, and crafting the words are undeniably important.  But the correct delivery of the message is crucial for successfully engaging your audience.  Marketing channels are all different and each have there own strengths and weaknesses.  We want to use the right marketing mix for each client." - Cara Reed, Account Director

We will not limit our services to one industry or one marketing tool.  Imagine marketing channels were colours of the rainbow... (oh boy, here comes the metaphor!) We will not limit our offerings to one colour.  If you want an expert in the colours of black & white, there are a million of them these days... just Google it.  We want to use any and all colours appropriate to tell your marketing story!