Social Media For Business - OVES Discussion Panel

Okanagan Valley Entrepreneur's Society - Using Social Media to Drive Business: Entrepreneur's Edition Town Hall Series Event Tuesday, March 30th, 2010, Ramada Hotel Kelowna Speakers: James Shaw - CEO/Creative Director, Twin Creek Media Susan Knight - Radio Announcer, SunFM99.9 Nick Kellet - Entrepreneur and Creator of GiftTrap board game Do you Twitter? Are you Linked in? Is your face on Facebook? Have you updated your blog today? A decade or so ago these questions would have puzzled most people. Today's entrepreneur faces these questions daily. Have you ever said to yourself "Should I jump on board and do what everybody else is doing or should I wait to see what happens?" or "I don't have time to do it. I need to work on my business!" Note: the video was shot impromptu with a hand held device.  Apologies for the low image/audio quality! ;-) Should you use Social Media?
James Shaw
What is the difference between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn?
Nick Kellet James Shaw
How should entrepreneurs use Facebook?
Nick Kellet Susan Knight James Shaw
How often should you update your Facebook fan page?
Susan Knight
How to use Linkedin for business purposes
Nick Kellet