Social Media Marketing: Twitter Statistics (Part 2)

We have already mentioned that Twitter is a tool that allows users to broadcast 140 character messages to your followers. With over 1/2 active Twitter users following businesses, it is important that Kelowna businesses engage and retain their followers.

More than 1/2 of active Twitter users follow companies, brands, or products on social networks.

Twitter plays a role in purchasing decisions in many different ways from asking for opinions and recommendations to actively seeking discounts and promotions.

Twitter plays an active role in purchasing decisions.

Many U.S. businesses have realized that Twitter has a potential to create leads for their business.

57% of all companies that use social media for business, use Twitter.

And those companies that are use Twitter have twice as many leads per month regardless of business size.

Companies that use Twitter average 2x more leads/month than those that do not.

In the case of B2C, this number grows even higher as the number of followers increases.

B2C companies with >100 followers have 146% more leads/month than those with

What does this mean for Kelowna businesses? Don't be a twit. Start tweeting. Engage your followers, remember following a business is a choice and needs to provide value to the follower. What if you need help? Our marketing agency recommends that each of our B2C clients create a Twitter account. We then provide our clients with social media training and marketing tactics for growing, engaging and retaining Twitter followers. If the business chooses not to manage their Twitter account themselves, we offer a social media management program that includes daily tweets.