Social Media Marketing: Intro (Part 2)

Social Media is a new weapon in the arsenal for our Kelowna-based digital marketing agency and our clients are not the only ones using it for lead generation.

61% of US marketers use social media to increase lead-gen

In fact 53% of U.S. Small to Medium sized businesses consider social media sites to be of some level of importance in making sales.

More than 1/2 of US SMBs say social media sites play an important role in active sales

For B2B purchases, LinkedIn - the leading social network for business people - is the most effective social media network and generates the most conversions.

LinkedIn drives the most referrals to B2B sites

LinkedIn also generates conversions.

LinkedIn generates the most conversions for B2Bs

And for B2Cs conversions the leading social media source is Facebook.

Facebook generates the most conversions for B2Cs

What does this mean for Kelowna businesses? It's time for your Kelowna business to get social and start a two-way dialogue with customers.  Get involved in the Kelowna community and with your customers.