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Digital Xmas Turkey Drive!

For Immediate Release

Kelowna marketing company, Twin Creek Media invents a "Turkey Converter" that turns photos posted to their Facebook page into real turkeys this Christmas for the Kelowna Community Food Bank. December 4, 2012, KELOWNA, BC

Last Friday, Twin Creek Media CEO James Shaw had a goofy idea about crowdsourcing turkeys for families in need this Christmas.  Shaw explains, "As a company, we wanted to do something that would involve the community, raise awareness for the Food Bank, and foster a charitable spirit.  Mailing a cheque directly to a charity is great, sure, but why not get lots of people involved if we can?" The idea is that people post photos of turkeys to Twin Creek Media's Facebook page.  When the number of photos hits certain predetermined levels, the agency will then donate a number of turkeys.  For example, if 50 photos are submitted, then 10 turkeys are donated to the Kelowna Community Food Bank

The partners Thomas Berger, Christina Van, and James Shaw hope to receive over 200 photos so that 40 turkeys can be donated.  Berger adds with a grin, "We'll probably end up donating 40 turkeys, which is about $1000, even if we don't reach our targets.  But, 'shhhhhh', don't tell anyone." "Being a marketing agency helps," Christina Van explains, "we often use Facebook for brand awareness campaigns for our clients."  The young team in their 20's and 30's just did what was natural for them - Facebook is a native environment to promote their ideas.  Their Turkey Converter was launched on Facebook over the weekend and within minutes people were posting photos they found on the web or drew themselves.  News of the idea is spreading from friend to friend very quickly and the team is intentionally using this sharing aspect of social media to get their message across. David Purdon, Public Relations Officer at the Kelowna Food Bank says, "We love this idea.  It's a fun and creative way for people to support our Christmas campaign.  We can't wait to see what's posted."

For more information contact:
James Shaw
Creative Director/CEO
Twin Creek Media