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Small Businesses: Meet Your New Kelowna Marketing Team

A Small Business Owner's Secret to Success

Some days it's a struggle to hit the bathroom or the 'send' button on all those emails, never mind think about your long-term marketing strategy. And yet, your small Kelowna business's success depends on it. What's the answer? Hire a Kelowna marketing company to take care of building your brand while you take care of business. Let's face it, an in-house marketing team doesn't make sense. To hire even a marketing director and a graphic designer and a web developer would cost too much, especially since you don't need them every day, or even every week. If you own a small or medium-sized business in Kelowna, marketing is made easy with Twin Creek Media: Your very own marketing team complete with all the experts--not next door--but on demand.

Need a mobile website? What about a blog? New logo, too? Maybe some print ads and a commercial. And finally, tap into social media and search engine optimization (SEO) as well. At Twin Creek Media, we do it all. We can help your business take on the competition and reel in customers with all levels of planning, production, and promotion services.

What else? (More after the jump) Twin Creek Media partners James Shaw, Christina Van, and Thomas Berger combine their expertise and a holistic approach to marketing to give dozens of Kelowna businesses all the in-demand and on-demand marketing services they need. 

The benefits of working with a Kelowna marketing company like Twin Creek Media:

You've got access to all the experts and marketing services.

In addition to the three owners who have heaps of experience in marketing, programming, and web/graphic design, we can take care of all your marketing needs with an entire team of other professionals: researchers, copywriters, photographers, and videographers. With Twin Creek Media, your brand is in good hands.

You'll save money.

When we partner with you for a short-term project or long-term ongoing work, you don't have to pay a staff member for downtime or vacations. Nor do you have to hire contractors to take on marketing projects outside the scope of the individual you have in-house. We're here to do the job well when you need us.

You have a partner.

Because we specialize in helping our clients form effective, long-term strategies, we care about your success. Instead of setting up your site and saying good-bye--as other Kelowna web designers might--, we'll do the heavy lifting for a long time to come to ensure you're getting results. Hiring a Kelowna marketing company to act as an appendage to your business instead of hiring a handful of professionals or a web designer for one-off projects just makes sense.

Check out our post on how marketing teams offer so much more than Kelowna web designers. Do you want to save time and money as well as give your business a leg up with your very own, on-demand, Kelowna marketing team? Just give Twin Creek Media a call or email to get started!