Trick or Treat: Digital Marketing Halloween Special

Your Kelowna website and online presence influences consumers offline purchases, and Halloween is a great example of this! The below infographic illustrates US purchasing behaviour activity around Halloween, which is a great indication of the Canadian market too. With over 171 million Americans planning to participate in the Halloween fun, the question becomes where are these people spending their money and on what!? 

This year Americans topped last year's spend by US$1.5 billion, up from US$7 billion. Costumes (US$3.1 B), candy (US$2.5 B), decorations (US$2.4 B), and greeting cards (US$390 M) account for most of the money being spent. We're all basically spending a bunch of money on fake severed limbs, witches hats, pumpkins, and a variety of unhealthy foods wrapped in bright plastic wrappers. The bulk of these purchases are happening in discount stores (about 47%). 

With costume stores, supermarkets, and department stores following closely behind. Only about 21% of purchases are happening online, but that doesn't mean that the digital world isn't playing a huge role in purchase decisions.  Omni-channel marketing is a must these days½ no one just goes to the store and buys a costume anymore. People are researching, reading reviews, and cruising the various social networks for inspiration on every aspect of their Halloween identity. For more fun stats and examples of how to rack up like a pirate this Halloween, check out this infographic sent over to us by our friends at The Shelf.

Courtesy of: The Shelf