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Business Communication Ideas During COVID-19

Message to the Okanagan business community:

With ongoing developments surrounding COVID-19, we understand normal business operations will be greatly affected in the coming weeks. While the full impact is unknown, we know that communication, internally and externally, is vitally important.

As a marketing agency, we've been tasked with a whole different side of communications recently. Below are some communications ideas to consider if you own or manage a business.


Messages & Announcements Ideas

How To Get Your Message Out

  • a change or confirmation of business status (eg. temp closures, reopening, etc.)
  • a change or confirmation of business hours
  • any special instructions for customers/clients (any changes to sales or customer support, expected delays, parking, product pickup, delivery, etc.)
  • updates regarding events, office appointments, or retail environments
  • assurances of steps taken on-site for public safety
  • assurances of how employees are being treated (can be internal communications or part of public announcements)
  • what your business is doing to help the greater good (we all have specialties and something to contribute)
  • uplifting & motivational company news
  • helpful ideas/advice you have for others that's related to your specialty
  • banner at the top of your website
  • dedicated blog article on your website (that's kept updated as things change over the coming weeks)
  • social media posts
  • email announcement to existing customers
  • on-location signage
  • phone voicemail message
  • updated info on your Google My Business listing (search for your own business name in Google and you'll see this listing pop up with photos, map, info.... are your "Open" days & hours correct?)
  • press release or local media story submission
  • paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Castanet, KelownaNow, local radio, local newspapers


Each business/industry is different, and there is a range of appropriate responses, but coming together as a community is a priority we all share.

From our team to yours,

James Shaw, Creative Director & Partner
Twin Creek Media