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Effective Email Marketing Means Dynamic Emails-Every Time

With so many emails landing in inboxes, the trick is creating the perfect tone

With so many emails landing in inboxes, the trick is creating the perfect tone

There are over 4.2 billion email users on the planet. Imagine. That means more than half the world’s population is using email to connect, learn…and likely shop. 

A report by 99firms showed that more than 3 million emails are sent per second so there is a solid chance that your business can benefit from some of that digital marketing effort! Let’s face it, we are all ‘trained’ to do something with an email that lands in our inbox - delete, respond, purchase - so your email is already on deck and, with the right polish, ready for success.

Email marketing generates $52 for every $1 spent = 5,200% ROI

While social media channels exploded onto the scene with jazzy videos and bright images, emails can be more personalized and informative, and developing these relationships can build loyalty which in turn leads to greater customer conversion.  

Social media channels throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Email marketing software, however, allows you to address your customer by their first name, and target special interest groups based on past communications. For example, you can tailor your email focus to Baby Boomers, Millennials, or Gen-X readers, depending on your message. And don’t forget: your email doesn’t always have to be about the sale but instead the chance to build a relationship via, for example, a newsletter or birthday celebration. Your marketing email can feel truly personal, as well as informative and attractive - and be an ideal tool to get your prospective customer interested in learning more about your brand.


Keys To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Writing an email and filling it with content seems straightforward but there are simple strategies to making sure it’s easy to read.


Subject Line

Tease the reader into wanting to learn more and keep your character limit on the subject line to 25-30 characters. It’s important to remember as well that your reader is accessing your email via either a mobile device or desktop computer.   

Roughly, 1 in 5 email campaigns is not mobile-friendly.

Mobile Users 

Don’t be that brand. Optimizing your emails to be mobile-friendly will increase open rates and start your audience on the journey into your marketing funnel. Lucky for us, the mobile interface means we can check our email constantly -  in line at the grocery store, at a red traffic light (ssshhhh, don’t tell), or while watching TV - so make that idle click work for you. Keep images sharp, the text brief and large enough to be readable (think: small screen), and ensure all link buttons are sized for easy clicking by a (slightly pudgy) finger. Roughly 81% of mobile emails were opened in 2020 with the majority of those surveyed saying they instantly deleted any email that wasn’t easy to read on their phone. 

The sweet spot between just enough and not too many

Desktop Users

Nearly half of all internet users still enjoy their desktop computers so don’t ignore them. You can be more intricate with desktop email designs as the sizing is larger but the same principles apply: keep the messages clear, informative, and friendly with defined CTA buttons … and don’t send too many! You’ll earn higher open and click rates if you send no more than five newsletters a week. Use your e-mailings efficiently: work to keep your audience informed of new products, and changes to the brand and always, always, send a welcome email when someone is new to your list. 

Measure, Pivot, Strategize

Advanced marketing software has made it easy to gather and analyze past communications for optimal results. Success breeds success. It’s simple: marketing emails can be sent with minimal investment to huge swathes of people and create massive returns as well as build strong brand connections…but you’re working with people and people have emotions. Finesse the steps to the email marketing dance correctly and you can consider this the greatest relationship you’ll ever have.


We pride ourselves on creating effective and dynamic email marketing campaigns for our clients. Get in touch and see how we can help you navigate the wondrous world of digital marketing!