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Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing decisions should be made with analytical data in hand.


“Measure twice and cut once,” said Twin Creek Media owner, James Shaw, when he joined FH&P lawyers Clay Williams and Tanvir Gill on their Law Talk podcast to discuss marketing in a digital world. 

“When it comes to marketing, people think of design, creativity, cool tag lines and ideas,” he explained. “It’s lots of fun but if you’re not measuring the results of what you’re doing, you have no idea if that investment is worth it or not. That’s true if you’re a tiny business, a start-up, or a mega-million-dollar company.”

James used FH&P Lawyers to help incorporate Twin Creek Media back in 2007 – and they’ve had a strong relationship ever since. Years, later the law firm reached out to Twin Creek for marketing services. These days, Twin Creek has about 10 in-house team members plus a number of external contractors.  The team runs both local and international business marketing campaigns.


Importance of Analytics

James is adamant about analytics’ importance in determining where marketing successes emerge. “Why are we analytical? It’s the nature of who we are,” he said. “(Business partner) Thomas and I came from an engineering background, so we're used to numbers, measuring stuff, being skeptical and curious as well as creative. We want to know if something is worth it: is it really working?”

Those all-important online clicks are measurable and can tell you what is working and what is not. James explained that his line of work in analyzing marketing data is similar to what they do as lawyers.

“You can’t honestly recommend one thing over another if you don’t truly believe it’s the right thing to do.”

Optimizing for results

FH&P Lawyers create informative podcasts and interviews using a content producer and James acknowledges that the right balance between the internal and external marketing teams makes a difference.

“You guys create a lot of good content but our team can take that and really give it legs,” he said. “So instead of it being seen by 1,000 people, we can have it seen or read by 10,000 people. It’s about amplification.“


Avoid mistakes

What’s the biggest marketing mistake an enterprise can make?

“Doing the same thing and expecting a different result,” said James. 

The complexities of digital marketing are numerous and using a professional team to help you get results is one of the best things you can do for your company to help you build your brand.

Another common mistake is pumping out social media posts without knowing if anyone sees or reads your messages. Explore the idea the boosting for $5-$10 per post. It'll make the difference between 7 people seeing your content (organically) and 1000 people seeing your content, which gets the ball rolling for more likes, comments, and shares.  

James asserts: “At least when you’re putting your heart and soul into your message, you want it to get seen and not shoved under a rock where no one sees it.”

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