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Kelowna Marketing Company Parodies Barenaked Ladies

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel:

“It’s Been Twin Creek” (parody of “One Week” by Bare Naked Ladies)

Written by Teresa Doulos & James Shaw, 2022.

Recorded by James Shaw & Pete MacLeod in Twin Creek Media’s closet, Kelowna, BC.

Filmed on location in the Twin Creek Media office.



It's been Twin Creek for your marketing

Working with our team is fun, I said, "you'll see"

Five days since we launched your ads.

Saying "you're the best, click here and let's meet".


Three days since we hit our goal.

Revenue's up - BOOM! We're on a roll.

Yesterday, a 5-star review.

But it'll still be two days 'til we see you on Zoom.


Let's sit down and talk about links

As I make you stop, think

You'll think you're talking to a guru

I summon team to the dream, creativity extreme

We got to test it, make it right, so we can wow you.  


Hot like wasabi when we dee-sign

Big like Square Times, because we are all about value.

Other agencies have got the mad hits

We try to match wits, we don't hold back, we just bust through.


Gonna make a plan without the spam

Clickety click, bam, bam 

It ain't vanilla, it's the finest of the flavours.

Check the website, know we're right

The stats far are out of sight

But don't worry, we made users sign a waiver


How can we help it if we do things the way we should

Trying hard not to smile when we do good

We're the kind of team that puts your biz on top

Don't think we can for you? Give us a shot.

We have a tendency to wear our minds on our sleeves

And a history of Googling to search


It's been Twin Creek for your marketing

Threw your arms in the air and said "Help me"

Five days since we made a plan

We'll come back to remind ourselves where it began

It's been three days since that afternoon

We got Facebook sorted out not a moment too soon

Yesterday, you might have doubted us

But now sit back, relax, let our team handle this stuff


Strategy, design, and monthly advertisin'

Put us together and things will start flyin'

Watching profits soar for our clients

We're marketing giants

ROI might cause a riot

We measure results with analytics

Great statistics

Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy

Like many, you may want films, and yes we make films

They can even have a Samurai

I'll start naming some names

Sounds like BC business Hall of Fame

We ain't making all this up as we go along

Lawyers, storage, pools, plants, bees

Services, boats, retail, B2B

Hard to fit 'em all in this song


How can we help you? What do you need to succeed?

Maybe a website to generate some leads?

Let's talk Youtube videos and social

Boost a post to generate that ripple

SEO. SE What? We can do it all.

We have a history of winning big wins


It's been Twin Creek for your marketing

Spruced up your brochure with new photography

Five days since you laughed at us and said

"You just did just what you said you were gonna do"

Eighteen years since we started this

We realized we love it too much, we could never quit

Yesterday, we took a moment to smile

Cause we rewrote the words in Bare Naked Ladies style

Call us soon, we'd love to say hi-iii

Email us soon, we'd love to say hi-iii

Time to save this gold in a Google doc file.



What do you do when you’ve had a fantastic year? You burst into song!

And that’s just what we did! We’ve had a great year looking back, a fantastic year to look forward to, and exciting projects in the pipeline and so to celebrate, we filmed a music video. 

A funny way to celebrate you might think, but that's just how we roll!

Twin Creek Media has been creating marketing magic for the last 18 years and is proud to claim numerous successful campaigns that achieved their ROIs and of course, a whole collection of awards. 

That’s what makes us different - our obsession with your ROI. 

We don't do things halfway. Our service model starts right at the beginning, understanding everything about you, your business model and your competition. We get right to the bottom of things to decipher everything that matters to your business and everything you need to achieve your business goals - including where you are now, where you want to go and the million-dollar question of how?!. We call this our Marketing Road Map

We start with a great plan. 

Our design process starts with the right information - so if you are looking to develop a website, film a video or design a brochure, our approach is customized. You won't see any one-size-fits-all duplications here - we focus on your unique needs and create solutions that are specific to you. 

When an advertising campaign starts right - it’s destined for success. This is why our campaigns rule - we start right with all of our clients. And we deliver results. 

Our marketing secret sauce has proven to be successful time and again. And we can't be happier about it. What we are even more proud of is how we volunteer exclusivity; unlike many marketing agencies out there - we take the initiative to not work with direct competitors of our clients at any given time. We take transparency very seriously. 

So if you’re looking for a team of fun-loving marketing gurus to take your business to the next level, give us a call - we’d love to say hi!


Your extended marketing team is right here, waiting for you. Give us a call, we’d love to say hi!