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Concept to completion is a common real estate development term. It applies to this successful marketing project for Kestrel Ridge, too.

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The Upside of Downsizing

Kestrel Ridge is a residential development located in the hills of Kelowna, BC. Luxury living combined with easy access and maintenance appeals to Baby Boomers looking to escape the big city. 57 paired contemporary homes in Kelowna’s sought after Upper Mission offer more living space tailored to you, more light, more lake and city views—more everything.

Approved! Adrian Block, Rykon Group (overheard 2017)
Kestrel Ridge



People reached monthly

Social Media, Google, internet ads, plus newspapers, and magazines combine to reach potential buyers. Our team has kept the interest high with fresh project updates, including awesome photography and video.


Actions measured

Launch, measure, pivot… it’s our mantra during the promotion stage. By treating advertising as a science as well as an art, we get better results. Actions like downloads, signups, phone calls - the stats all tell a story of what’s working and what’s not.


of qualified leads

Generating qualified leads for Kestrel Ridge is our top priority and our efforts have contributed to solid deals. It’s a great neighbourhood, you should really check it out. *Hint, hint*

Project story


Real Estate Marketing Takes Flight

Twin Creek Media has worked with Kestrel Ridge from the very beginning, first on branding the development, and then on marketing strategy and development of all materials, both traditional and digital. Our media connections added more value to our advertising plan, passing on discounts with zero markup or commissions. Campaigns are optimized month-to-month for best results. Despite a somewhat flat real estate selling environment, the development has sold out Phase 1 and part of Phase 2.

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Services provided


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Keyword List & Rankings
  • Goal Setting
  • Annual Marketing Budget & Projections
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Campaign Development
  • Value Proposition & Messaging
  • Sample Ads & Templates
  • Action Plan
  • Magazine Ads
  • Photography
  • Marketing Videos
  • Social Media Setup
  • Website Design
  • Case Studies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Blog Publication
  • Media Release Distribution
  • Pillar Content Creation
  • Okanagan Online Advertising Networks
  • Employee Recruitment Campaign
  • Performance Reporting
...and now we can add, 'Sold Out' to that! James Shaw, Twin Creek Media (2021)