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Planet Bee

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The Amazing World of Honey Bees

Family-owned & operated since 1997, Planet Bee is an agri-tourism business in Vernon, BC. From their humble hobby-farm beginnings the company is now loved well beyond the Okanagan. Their honest passion & love for bees, see them educating the next generation with on-site tours, as well as producing and selling all kinds of natural products across Canada and internationally.

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A Tale of Two Websites

Agri-tourism is entering a whole new era. A digital era.

In the early 2000s, a website used to be just an online business card… maybe a brochure if the photos were nice!

But it’s the 2020s, and websites have a few more jobs like:

  • being the online representative of your entire organization.
  • being your go-getter salesperson. It’s the customer service gateway.
  • your website has a lot depending on it so It better be amazing!

When we met Planet Bee they were managing two websites– one for the tourism/retail store and another website for eCommerce sales. It took a lot of time to keep both websites updated and neither one was really a “go-getter salesperson” or “ customer service gateway”. Time for a change.

The solution was to build a brand new website that met all needs. Twin Creek chose Shopify, a world-class eCommerce platform, and set to work creating a gorgeous site that customers would adore.

Olivia Nowek Co-Owner, Planet Bee Honey Farm

Services Provided


  • Website Score Cards
  • Measurement Strategy
  • eCommerce Websites
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Increase in eCommerce Sales

Streamlining the shopping cart experience is paramount for any eCommerce business. With the new Shopify platform in place, it was exciting to see an immediate bump in sales. A revised product catalogue and beautiful photos added to the sweetness.

More Email Conversions

Email is still one of the most cost-effective ways to marketing a business. Planet Bee is selling to customers across Canada and their regular email newsletters are full of cool honey-bee products. More clicks = more website visits = more sales and farm visits.

Jump in Returning Customers

Loyal fans are at the core of all successful retail companies. Planet Bee’s repeat customers have become brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth is powerful! A website is doing its job when people come back over and over again to buy their favourite products.

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