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Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

Of the sites that are optimized, ranking is important.

So how does your Kelowna business get ranked in Google and the other search engines? There are no tricks to ranking in search engines.  The key is to generate keyword-rich content and the search engines will find (and love) you.  Having said that, Google loves fresh content and sites that have frequent updates tend to rank well.  One way to generate that frequent content is to have a company blog and this is an internet marketing tactic that our Kelowna-based marketing company recommends. A company blog will result in more indexable web pages on your site as every blog post results in a new page being generated. These extra pages increase your "relevancy" (assuming you blog about relevant topics), resulting in more leads as there are more pages and therefore more possibility of showing in the search results.

The other added advantage to having a blog is that it draws inbound links as other sites refer to the blog post for reference.  This then goes full circle by boosting your ranking in Google as you become an "authority" on the blog post topic.

What does this mean to Kelowna businesses?

If Google can't find you, neither will anyone else. Buying paid listings should only be considered a short term strategy until you rank organically as it is a more expensive way to purchase lower quality traffic.