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We’ve talked with a lot of business owners and managers about their marketing challenges. Often they don’t have all the people they need on staff to accomplish their business goals. And hiring a bunch of new people is risky and expensive, but we have a solution...

Marketing Strategy and Website Analytics for your business

Strategy, design, programming, social media management, advertising, photography, video production, creative writing, analysis... the job roles go on and on... and that's where we can help.

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Twin Creek Media brings a group of talented people, fresh ideas, and lots of experience to the table.

Plug us in - we can be your extended marketing department (often for the cost of a single employee)!

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Your extended marketing department

We're on your team

We work exclusively for you, not your competitors. This is a biggie. In ongoing monthly partnerships, we put on your team’s jersey and play to win.

We work for you, not your competitors. No, really. In an ongoing monthly partnership, we put on your team's jersey. It's like a hockey game. How can we play for your team and simultaneously play on another team? Impossible. Yet it happens all the time at marketing companies. Not at Twin Creek though. We work with one company, per industry, per area. Our exclusivity to you means we can take the very best strategies we’ve learned and proven for a similar company (in a different city) and apply it to you. No conflict of interest - just 100% commitment to your organization in your region.

Our friends
are your friends

Twin Creek has tons of media connections and great advertising deals to offer. Leverage our industry contacts.

Twin Creek has tons of media connections and great advertising deals to offer. We're independently owned so we're not limited to just one network or one type of advertising. That means our hands aren't tied, and we're not pulled one way or the other because we don’t earn a commission on ad spend. We have Google and Facebook on speed dial (not even a figure of speech!), plus access to all the Okanagan media sites, radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine option, and other media contacts across Canada & the USA. So go ahead, leverage our connections.

Super flexible budgets

Although we do have some minimum budgets we work with, no long-term contracts are required. We’re flexible month-to-month. We're happy to work on single projects or ongoing projects.

Although we do have some minimum budgets we work with, no long-term contracts are required. We’re flexible month-to-month. We're happy to work on single projects or ongoing projects. To be honest, we hope that you'll like working with us long term, on a monthly basis. But we believe loyalty is earned not forced... the worst feeling in the world is being trapped in an annual contract that you don't like. Ugh. Many of our clients have been with us for years, not because of a contract, but because it's a great partnership. It's fun, we like each other, and we get results.

Super transparent

Did you know we don't charge any commission on media buys or ad placements? Not ulterior motives mean we can do the right thing for your business every time.

Did you know we don’t charge any commission on media buys or ad placements? That’s right! Since we've got nothing to gain recommending one tactic over another, we can focus on doing the right thing for your business. A lot of agencies make 10%-20% on any media placed for your company - whether it's digital ads or traditional ads. The more you spend, the more they make. Some agencies don't even tell you. They take your whole budget and "some" of it goes to ads and "some" of it goes to their management. Twin Creek is totally transparent. We'll negotiate the best rates, and then you pay direct. We don't take a cent in commission or mark it up. You'll know our management costs before your campaign even starts. No surprises.

Working with us is different...
in a good way.

Twin Creek Media is a different type of marketing agency. We want to be a Special Ops team for a select group of companies, not a bland factory working for 1,000 companies in the same industry.

Only working with 1 company per industry per region means we're exclusive to you. Same with our rejection of commission and kickbacks on media and advertising - it's a choice to ensure objectivity.

We designed our company to perfectly complement growing organizations in the $2M-$20M annual revenue range.

Get to know us: sing-along edition

From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel: Get to know us: sing-along edition

1. Strategy

Kelowna Marketing Strategy Services

Start with your Roadmap for success

Better answers, start with better questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • How do we get there?

We’ll guide the process with goal setting, market research, brand strategy, messaging, tactics, and budgeting… whatever it takes to make you successful. Each company is different, so we’ll only pick the elements that make sense for your company. The end result is your Marketing Roadmap - a clear path to your destination.

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Explore strategy services

2. Design

Kelowna Graphic Design Services

Next, build what’s missing

This stage covers the creation of all assets & materials needed before we can hit the ground running with marketing and advertising campaigns. Does your website need attention? Are brochures, photos, and videos missing? Do we need to take a step back and rebrand everything so it’s consistent? This stage is creative and tons of fun!

3. Advertising

Marketing Advertising Services Okanagan

Launch your ads, measure & adjust - Grow!

Time to execute! When the planning is finished, and the materials are designed, then it’s time to launch your advertising campaign. Our team is your marketing department! We’ll launch your monthly campaign and keep your budget in check, while measuring results. Together we’ll review reports and continuously improve performance each month to track towards your goals.

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For the last 20 years we've worked with 100s of great companies across Canada and the USA. Leverage our experience!


Core Team

Our core team plus our extended team of industry pros, instantly amplifies your in-house capabilities.



As a performance marketing department we create measurable results for our clients - 10x ROI or more.

Clients & results

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We take a strategic approach to your communications project and execute the vision through digital and traditional channels—through web, print, video, and online interactive channels. Results are measured and fed back into a loop of continuous improvement. Our clients enjoy increased brand awareness, fans, followers, more web visitors, higher sales, and repeat customers.


Snore MD

client success story From 4 locations to 20+, strategic marketing helps scale Snore MD clinics across Western Canada.

60 Days to Rank #1

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Construction/Real Estate

Kestrel Ridge

client success story Concept to completion is a common real estate development term. It applies to this successful marketing project for Kestrel Ridge, too.

100s of Qualified Leads

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Braemar Group

client success story Revamped hotel websites coupled with new advertising strategies boost occupancy numbers while sharing less revenue with a middleman.

5x - 12x Online Booking ROI

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Kelowna Downtown Marina

client success story It's not about renting boats; we're selling experiences - marketing Downtown Marina is about sunshine, water, and great friends.

30x Online Revenue ROI

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Planet Bee

client success story An E-commerce website rebuild is a win-win: a great experience for customers, and way less headaches for owners.

136% Increase in Repeat Visitors

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