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After a decade and 100s of projects, we’ve talked with a lot of business owners and managers about their marketing challenges. Often they don’t have all the people they need on staff to accomplish their business goals. And hiring a bunch of new people is risky and expensive. 

Strategy, design, programming, social media management, advertising, photography, video production, creative writing, analysis... the job roles go on and on.... and that’s where we can help.

Twin Creek Media brings a group of talented people, fresh ideas, and lots of experience to the table. Plug us in– it’s almost like we’re your marketing department across the road.

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Core Team

Our core team of 9, plus our extended team of industry pros, instantly amplifies your in-house capabilities.



For the last 19 years we've worked with 100s of great Canadian companies. Leverage our experience!



As a performance marketing department we create measurable results for our clients - 10x ROI or more.

Clients & Results

We take a strategic approach to your communications project and execute the vision through digital and traditional channels—through web, print, video, and online interactive channels. Results are measured and fed back into a loop of continuous improvement. Our clients enjoy increased brand awareness, fans, followers, more web visitors, higher sales, and repeat customers.

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Marketing Services

3 Stages Made for Results:

STRATEGY comes before anything we do. In this important stage, our team will research, define goals, choose tactics, and decide what assets or materials are missing and need to be created.

DESIGN covers creating any of the assets or materials needed to make your company successful - web, print, video, photo, all things creative.

ADVERTISING begins once the tools are in place to handle new customers. Your website becomes a hub of activity. Potential customers are captured through web forms, email, and phone calls (plus walk-ins, in the case of physical stores). Get ready to grow!



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  • We'll help you get there.




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Through research, exploration, and intentional design we help businesses and brands reach their potential online and offline. We work with enterprise, startup, and small business clients across a wide range of industries.

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Biggest Wins In Our Marketing & Advertising Careers - Part 1

Biggest Wins In Our Marketing & Advertising Careers - Part 1

It's always important to celebrate the wins - big or small! In this episode, we flip the narrative from our last two episodes on "Biggest Losses" to talk about the "Biggest Wins" in our marketing and advertising careers.


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Battle Royale: Blogs Vs. Podcasts

Battle Royale: Blogs Vs. Podcasts

Explore the Blog vs. Podcast Debate: Which Content Strategy is Right for Your Business? Dive into the Pros, Cons, and Expert Tips to Help You Decide!


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Biggest Losers - Part 2: More Marketing Career Mistakes!

Biggest Losers - Part 2: More Marketing Career Mistakes!

Have you heard of any agency ever volunteering to discuss their biggest mistakes? Well, here we are in this follow-up vlog for our previous ‘Biggest Losers’ podcast. Listen and learn from us, and try not to repeat the same mistakes we did. And if you have made these same mistakes in your marketing and advertising career, know that you are not alone!


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