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What Women (and Men) Really Want According to Social Media!

As a Kelowna marketing agency, we know that the ability to read people's minds on what they want is not as easy electrocuting yourself in a tub full of water (as the movie "What Women Want" suggests). Even with our ever-growing and advancing technology, there are no magic powers yet. Men still can't understand why women are so complicated when expressing their feelings, and women are still driven up the wall by their one-word answers to their questions.

It's a never-ending cycle of misinterpretations and confusion. But the truth is, we're pretty darn similar. What we CAN do is look at the trends of social media in Kelowna and see what people are already talking about, right on their walls, feeds, and blogs. But despite what we've seen on our Kelowna social media outlets, nothing has shocked us like the results of this study we found; with 27 billion conversations gathered in 365 days, the most talked-about topic is... Well, see for yourself!

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