Twin Creek Media Adds New Partner: Christina Van

As James and Christina joke about world domination, Thomas considers a Facebook acquisition. Five years ago, a 17-year-old bright-eyed, talented graphic designer caught our attention over the summer while "temping" for our agency. Little did we know then, that Christina Van would become a fully-fledged partner in Twin Creek Media in the spring of 2012. She must have joined the elite group of business owners out there who buy shares in a company before having their driver's license! Starting in 2007, Christina worked with us during the summers and on and off throughout her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at UBCO. Throughout the past years, Christina adapted to the business world and was part of managing a wide range of clients.

Upon graduation, we offered Christina a permanent position in our core team and a stake in the company. CEO, James Shaw says, "Her talent for design made her a natural compliment to Thomas and I who are more geeky by nature. More importantly, our clients are always so happy to work with her, which speaks volumes about her dedication and great attitude.  We're a stronger team with her, for sure."

Recently, the company news was covered by a local technology association, Accelerate Okanagan.  Their article follows below.  Thanks AO ! Accelerate Okanagan--Premium Member Twin Creek Media Expands the Team! It is with great excitement that I announce the beginning of our brand new Blog Series highlighting success stories within our Technology Company Premium Members on a bi-monthly basis and I am doubly excited to say that Twin Creek Media will kick it all off! When Thomas Berger and James Shaw contacted us a few weeks ago to announce the addition of their new Lead Designer Christina Van to the team, we leaped at the thought. Highlight local talent, a local success story and the fact that it is all being done right here in the Okanagan½ Yes please! Founded in 2004, Twin Creek Media has grown from humble beginnings, much like other local small firms, to a team of 10 contractors with a solid slate of great local and international clients. With core strengths in Branding, Graphics, Web Development and Internet Marketing, Twin Creek has successfully executed projects for the Okanagan Regional Library, City of Kelowna, Admetrics Communications and The Greenery Garden Center and more. Welcome Christina! Christina joins the Twin Creek team backed by a Fine Arts Degree from the University of British Columbia Okanagan and with years of print, video, and website interface experience. I especially love their WHAT WE DO section on the website - cutely illustrated and easy to navigate visually. With core functions in Planning, Production and in Promotions, it is clear, however, that they are definitely covering everything in between.

It is especially cool that they have been doing all of this for over 8 years. Impressive for them, but moreover, goes to show that small businesses with young, progressive owners like Twin Creek Media, are thriving in the Okanagan.  We are proud to have Twin Creek Media as a Premium Member and look forward to celebrating their success stories as they happen for years to come.

Follow them on Twitter at @twincreekmedia. If you are a local tech-based business and would like to be featured, please contact your Community Managers Ashley Ramsay (Kelowna & North) or Andrew Greer (Penticton & South), or drop us a line at 250-870-9028. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Original article posted on Accelerate Okanagan.