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Score Loyal Customers With Instagram

How Can Instagram Help You Score Loyal Customers? Kelowna Social Media Experts Explain.

Days before PEI indie rock band The Paper Lions rolled into Kelowna on Nov. 15, 2012, hundreds of Okanagan fans had their eyes glued to their mobile phones. Why? Because, as the Kelowna social media sages at Twin Creek Media note, these musicians harnessed an invaluable tool: Instagram. Instagram, the mobile application that allows users to take pictures on their phone, apply cool filters and share those photos with followers on Instagram and other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. Today, the app has 50 million users. What does that mean to you, as the owner of a business?

A huge opportunity. What brands and bands have realized about Instagram is that it not only encourages lightning-fast free promotion, it also offers opportunities for experiential marketing where fans get involved, get rewarded, and get loyal. The Paper Lions' recent tour featured a ticket contest where, on the day of a show, they would post two photos on Instagram which were clues about where two free tickets could be found. In Hamilton, it was a record store. In Toronto, an art gallery. In Vancouver, a coffee shop. For the cost of just two tickets a show and the time to snap a few shots, the band earned thousands of followers who had a bit of fun, promoted the band, and are now loyal fans.

Ice cream giants Ben & Jerry's also had the scoop on Instagram. Right now they're running a contest where ice cream lovers take photos of themselves in cone euphoria, and Ben & Jerry's feature those shots in ads. Not just any ads. In ads at bus stations and billboards near the fan and contest winner's home. It doesn't get much cooler than that, for the consumer or the company. Are you interested in attracting customers and boosting sales with Instagram, one of the most valuable social media tools?

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