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Video Voodoo: How Your Business Can Use YouTube to Woo Google

"Got to get to page one." "We want to be in the top three." As SEO and web design experts in Kelowna, at Twin Creek Media we often hear from clients who are desperate to butter up the almighty Google. Business owners know that if their website appears on the first page of search rankings, they're going to get more eyeballs, and therefore more site traffic and sales...and on and on. What most business owners don't know is that they can increase their search engine rankings (and that beautiful cycle of site traffic and sales) with just one tool: video. It's true. Soon after Google bought YouTube in 2006, Google began placing a pretty high value on websites with links to YouTube videos. In fact, hosting a decent little video on your site means you're 50 times more likely to land on page one in Google searches.

Here's a great example. We helped the Greenery Garden Centre in Kelowna get started with a series of v`ideos offering tips for plant care. With expert advice, timely topics and some great eye-candy for garden-lovers, these videos have gone global. Their YouTube efforts have translated to page one rankings for their videos.  Their website is greatly optimized to rank well for their products and services.  With their video showing up on page one of Google as well, they start to dominate the page.  Check it out:  Search Engine Optimized YouTube Video Ranks in Google The Greenery Garden Centre's YouTube channel just hit 10,000 views!  For a local retail garden centre, that's a lot!  In fact, just 6 months ago, they barely had 1000 views.  The videos serve multi-purposes... they're used in email newsletters, on Facebook, on the company website, and YouTube itself.  We get the most mileage out of each video as possible for maximum impact.

So, that's all? All I need to do is post a YouTube video to my website and, ta-da!? Not quite. If you really want to attract site visitors and video viewers, you'll need to use some SEO. We spend a lot of time writing video titles, descriptions, and tags using keywords. We even transcribe the audio dialogue into closed captions for the hearing impaired, which is also great for people who don't have computer speakers. Plus, the captions optimize the videos with keyword-rich content.  Even then, how well you rank depends on the level of competition for the keywords you're trying to rank for. 

Also, remember, search engine optimization is not a one-time job, nor a one-trick pony.  Proper legitimate techniques, combined with consistent effort will lead to results in Search Engine positioning. We've seen website traffic double or triple when a company goes from page 3, 4 , or 20 to page 1 on Google.  Depending on the business that could mean $1000's or $10,000's of new business each month.  Videos are often made for other promotional reasons, but improving search engine visibility is a whole new reason to get excited about video. 

See how we've helped heaps of other clients climb search rankings with professionally shot and search engine optimized videos. Want to see your business race to the top of Google's search engine rankings? Hire a professional marketing team like Twin Creek Media in Kelowna.