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Is Your Business Calling on Moms in Your Social Media Strategy?

Moms--they nag us, they hug us, and they bug us. They also shop and use social media. At Twin Creek Media in Kelowna, we can help you use social media tools to build your brand and tap into the most powerful consumer in Canada: moms. New research conducted by Mom Central Consulting finds Canadian mothers spend a lot of time online. It's where they keep up with friends and family, but it's also their first stop to research and review purchases. In fact, the September study found 58% of moms visit social networking sites daily. That's huge. And that's also an opportunity. Your business should be doing everything it can to attract and engage moms with social media if they're in your target market. How do you know which sites to focus on? Well, finally there's proof. Frequency of Select Online Activities According to Mom Internet Users in Canada, Sep 2012"

Make face time for Facebook

Facebook is the most visited site by moms. Eight in 10 moms say they visit Facebook daily. And it's not just to post pics of Taylor's new tooth. According to the study, 63% of moms will 'like' a brand's Facebook page. That translates to instant advertising, for free caption="Brand Engagement Activities of Mom Internet Users in Canada, Sep 2012. 

You need YouTube in your social media toolbox

After Facebook, the next most-visited social networking site is YouTube with 46% of women watching videos there weekly. In addition to easy eye-candy for family financial decision-makers, YouTube videos are one of the quickest ways to increase your search engine rankings in Google. Canadian moms connect with friends and brands through social media sites according to a new study. You'll also want to use Google+ and possibly Pinterest (23% of moms use this site photo-posting site weekly). What about Twitter? It's a little less popular with busy moms, but it's still an important tool. This study says 4% of moms will Tweet about a brand. That's pretty valuable (or dangerous) word of mouth.

Serve your 'customers' well

Many social media users, including moms, base their shopping decisions on online reviews and ratings. In fact, 36% of moms read customer ratings and reviews weekly. Pay attention to customer feedback, work to improve your operations, and ensure you're regularly responding to posts and Tweets so site visitors feel like you care.

Learn more about how your business can boost site traffic with Pinterest and get to number one on Google with YouTube. Or, contact the social media and branding experts at Kelowna's Twin Creek Media today. Infographs by In Canada, Moms' Online Activities Center on Social