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Kelowna Web Design: Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile Devices are Killing TV and the PC.

They seek, they scroll, they shop. New statistics show people are doing almost everything on their mobile devices, leaving laptops and flat screens to start collecting dust. Like marketing analysts around the world, as a Kelowna web design firm, we've noticed our clients have seen a huge spike in mobile traffic in recent months. According to Google's Our Mobile Planet, a site that offers heaps of mobile use statistics, 74% of Canadians use their smartphone to browse the Internet, 59% use them to search for products, and 24% take the next step and purchase products on their smartphones.

What's even more surprising is that people are spending more time doing those activities on their mobile devices than on their home PCs, and pretty soon, experts say TVs will take a backseat too:

  • In 2012, people used their mobile devices 35% more than in 2011, from 94 up to 127 minutes a day, while people reported their daily TV time stayed about the same, at 168 minutes (Flurry).
  • 'Queen of the Net' venture capitalist Mary Meeker recently told Stanford University that in India, desktop Internet traffic has declined to 40% while mobile Internet traffic has reached 60%, and the rest of the world is expected to follow suit.

What do all of these numbers mean for your business?

Money. If your website is mobile-friendly--meaning users can easily scroll pages, find products and make purchases on a smaller display screen--you're set. Here are just some of the reasons why it's worth contacting a Kelowna web development agency help your business build a mobile-friendly website:

Higher sales

When customers can navigate your site on their mobile device, whether it's an iPad or a smartphone, they're more likely to stay on the site, do a bit of research and start filling a cart. Consumers want the option of being able to do those things online and in-store, often simultaneously!

An up-to-date source of information

With your mobile-friendly website, you can easily update prices and offer promotions to keep customers in the loop and make great use of your ad budget.

Research and data capture opportunities.

You can instantly get feedback about your products and customer service, collect statistics with surveys, and capture your customers' data (ie. invaluable email addresses through newsletter signups) with contests. Again, marketing dollars well spent. Is your business ready to take advantage of these trends in mobile traffic use? 

Contact Kelowna website design and marketing firm Twin Creek Media to find out more about how we can make your mobile-friendly website boost your business's sales.