Social Media Landscape - Game of Thrones Style

In a world of hyper connectivity, the social media landscape is oddly fragmented.  Isn't it funny how 800 pound gorillas can't play nice with each other?  Hmm, maybe not. In any case, fans of the TV series Game of Thrones will be enamored with this infographic designed by social networking software company, Hootsuite.  It depicts the major players of social media as famous families controlling the territories.  The battle lines are drawn and virtual war wages on... the moral of this story is that Hootsuite rises above the pettiness of Facebook, Twitter, et al, and enables marketers (and citizens) to post messages across a variety of platforms.  Scheduling, adding photos, and trouble-free "border" crossings are included. Hootsuite may have turned this infographic into an advertisement, but ultimately I don't mind.  Our agency uses Hootsuite for ourselves and clients.  It works great.
¶ James Shaw, Creative Director/Partner