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How Colours Affect Website Conversions

Bold Blue.  Passionate Purples.  Obscene Orange.  Gentle Green.

In the wonderful world of website design in Kelowna, our agency looks at colors in a special way.  Men and women respond to colors differently, and the usage of colors in graphic design ends up influencing people in all sorts of ways.  Using color is a psychological issue-- it puts people into a certain state of mind and nudges them in a direction to take action or not.

Website Designers Use Colour in Art + Science

When thinking of working with a website designer in Kelowna it's important to get a sense of their sense of colour as a means of persuasion.  Designing something "pretty" doesn't necessarily mean it's effective (although it's a great start!)  Studies have shown that people first use colour and graphics when they see something for the first time, and up to 90% of that judgement is based on colour!  

Change the colours of your page's call to action (the main action you want them to take, like a "Signup" or "Buy" button) has a big influence on results.  Experimenting with colours could lead to more signups, or sales, or downloads, or phone calls depending on your situation.  The infographic below will give you some neat ideas of how colour can be used in website design.  Then start testing the colours on your own website!

Infographic by Kissmetrics. Thinking of using blue? Read our article, The Colour Blue in Webdesign.