The Science of Storytelling

This info graphic beautifully illustrates how important images & stories are to human beings.  Business owners, marketers, writers, web designers, and anyone in a communications role will benefit from learning about the science of story telling. In a marketing context, brands with more powerful narratives tend to be more successful.  Product or services that place themselves in context with their customers' lives are rewarded with loyalty and word-of-mouth. In Kelowna, our marketing firm was recently hired by an Metso Minerals, an international mining company.  The project called to create materials to help launch a new product and service in the industry.  The project included branding research, Power Point presentations, info graphics, a media release, and a product brochure.  The team of engineers that we worked with were experts in their field.  Their language was charts, numbers, units of measurement, and costs.  In fact, the data was exhaustive and very impressive.  If the customer was an android, our perhaps Star Trek's Spock, the marketing materials were already finished.  What was missing was a human story component to the message.  What does the Plant Supervisor, Roger think about the new technology?  What happened on Christmas Eve in 2012, when 3 specialist engineers were called in to fix $1M machines in a remote location?  In a copper mine where every hour is worth $100,000s, the application looks like..., etc.  When specs and figures are given context, are given faces and stories... value is transmitted, not mere information.  Are we storytellers at Twin Creek Media?  Absolutely. Every company has a story.  What's yours? Science of Storytelling Info Graphic See source: