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Kelowna Website Designers Speak Out On Sites They Love

The content is so concise, everything is just a scroll away. They're smart about how they use visuals to amplify a message. And they ask you to do something specific. These are the kind of websites we love, and the website design Kelowna could use more of. Just like with people, websites come in all shapes. There are all sorts, each with their own style, personality and strengths. The wonderful thing about building Okanagan websites compared to finding a mate, however, is that we can 'Frankenstein' your website to ensure it contains all the qualities you want in the perfect website.

What kind of websites do we love? We love 'Super pagers

Super page style design allows us to tell a brand's story in a discover-by-scrolling format. Super pagers are those long, scrolling websites where everything is on a single page, hence the name. As corporate storytellers, our web company loves super pages because it allows us to tell a brand's entire story, scroll by scroll. Using layers of colour, typography and imagery, the designer can ensure each element (ie your brands, your services, your advantages) stand out on their own, but are connected to the whole, to the spine of your story.

There's another major benefit to the super pager: it's designed with today's tablet and mobile generation in mind. Since more and more people are doing their shopping and searching on their phones, and since they don't have to try to fit fat thumbs on a tiny menu item to go to the next page, super pagers ensure site visitors have easy access to all your content.

We love websites with clear calls-to-action.

Clear calls to action are mandatory for good design & usability

Clear calls to action are mandatory for good design & usability. After your site visitor sees the products you carry or services you provide, what do you want them to do? How can you help make sure that happens? You just have to ask. A call-to-action, also known as a CTA, is a short statement that asks site visitors to take the next step. They appear as buttons, and they're linked to taking them to the contact page, or the cart, or whatever the next step is. Here are some examples:

Lead generation is an important function of a service company website

Lead generation is an important function of a service company website. Think of CTA's as your sales guys and gals on the floor: Can I cut that fabric for you? Would you like me to start you a room? Do you want to test drive it? Chances are, if you ask the question, the customer will give you the answer you want. Your website effectively in the same role as a customer service representative. Would you like to see more examples of CTA's in action? The digital marketing gurus at HubSpot have this great article,

17 Call-to-Action Examples You Can't Help But Click. With catchy, clickable and intuitive CTA's that nurture leads and help boost sales, we create the kind of website design Kelowna business owners love.

We love story-telling websites that use parallax animation (smartly)

Steer your web visitors through your site with fun visuals and they'll stick around longer.  See example:

Steer your web visitors through your site with fun visuals and they'll stick around longer. See example:

While you may not be familiar with the term 'parallax animation,' you've probably seen it in use on a website. Imagine if your website had a tour guide that directed your guests to important sights and ideas. That's parallax: an interactive animation tool that moves through the page with your site visitors, steering them and storytelling along the way. In addition to being visually stunning, parallax website design acts as a narrator to help people connect the dots and understand a story in a linear and engaging way. Because there's a guide, site visitors are more apt to follow the story right to the end, resulting in longer page visits and clicks on calls-to-action.

Are you wondering if your website is a business-generating powerhouse like it should be? Read our post Okanagan Websites: 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Site Now! Whether you need the kind of website design Kelowna consumers will be raving about or a marketing strategy to help grow your business, talk to the experts at Twin Creek Media. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.