It’s Time to Get Things Started.

Let’s raise the curtain on our newest team member and get to know Tom Houston professionally and personally.

Another seat is filled on the boat at Twin Creek Media! Tom Houston has joined us in the roles of Account Manager and Finance Director, propelling our marketing agency forward. Tom has over 15 years of progressive experience in client services and leadership and we knew immediately that he would be a good fit.

In fact, our interview with him turned from a “tell us about yourself” to “We look like The Muppets? Which Muppet would you be?”. Soon, an hour had passed discussing all of the characters and Tom was a part of the team. The beauty of Zoom meetings!  

Tom has jumped in with two feet, getting to know clients and helping them define and map out their marketing year. And you’ll likely see him around the Valley at business and networking events as he has a passion for connecting with the business community.

“If you’re not jumping off cliffs, you’re missing out. No risk, no reward!”

Some people tend to get comfortable as they move through their career. Not Tom - he is more driven now than when it all began. “I get such a charge when I’m given a challenge to make things better, more efficient,” states Tom. As marketing continues to evolve and client needs change (and Twin Creek grows!) Tom is finding ways to make improvements and create opportunities for everyone involved.

With his extenisve experience in logistics, operations, and finance, Tom is eager to work with clients to help them reach their growth potential. He takes a proven approach that marketing efforts only work when other systems are in place - when it aligns with the business strategy as a whole. 

“Travel always and learn as much about everything as you can.” 

Balance is important to Tom, and considering that he has spent the past 19 years raising twin boys, balance is actually essential. Family vacations oceanside, enjoying meals at home with a great bottle of wine, and letting the pavement rollout in front of him on his Yamaha R1 sportbike are just a few ways he enjoys time outside of work.

"But I also love connecting on a social level with the business community," shares Tom. It isn't work to Tom when he attends business and networking events, but rather an opportunity to focus on the personal side of business. "People really are the key - their experience is what drives success. I really enjoy understanding the people behind the different businesses we support."

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