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No, don't do that. Start here.

Before lighting up your sales rocket, make sure it is pointed in the right direction.

Before lighting up your sales rocket, make sure it is pointed in the right direction.

Have you heard the fitness phrase, “Don’t skip leg day”? It’s because you need a good foundation for balance, agility, and overall health.

In marketing, the equivalent is “Don’t skip strategy.” It’s foundational to success.

Our clients often want to jump into the middle of the process - graphic design, advertising, social media, website pages, do the Google thing…. go, go, go!

No. Stop.

Slow down.  Let’s do some heavy thinking first.  It’ll save you countless hours and $1000s running off in the wrong direction.

As a marketing agency, we get many inquiries for stand-alone services - social media management - SEO - website design - something about Google  - and what do you think about TikTok? - all the buzzwords marketing professionals adore. But… WHY do you need this service? *client shrugs, deer in the headlights*

True, with all the developments in marketing and communications that seem to evolve daily, companies find it hard to strike that balance between staying on top of the game and staying on track to achieve their core goals. Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, and embrace the latest - but that’s easier said than done. When you don’t have the right foundation for all your marketing activities, it’s easy to get lost in all the clutter out there. 

This is where Twin Creek Media’s “Marketing Road Map” comes in. 

Unlike most other agencies, ALL our projects start with this journey of understanding your “destination” as a business. We call this the “Marketing Roadmap” which has helped all our clients get a crystal clear “big picture” of all their marketing activities. This strategic exercise asks 3 core questions related to your business: 

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How will you get there?

Our team helps you answer these questions with a detailed background analysis of what you have been doing and the results you have achieved so far, what your competitors are doing and in comparison to them, where you are - and most importantly mapping out where exactly you want to be as a company and as a brand. 

We then work together with you to set up a clear plan with directions to reach your destination. We will work with you to set up goals, conduct market research, establish a branding and messaging strategy, set up budgets, and create a comprehensive plan to get from points A to B. All our plans and strategies are ever-evolving, and we always incorporate the latest developments in mar-tech to give your brand the benefits of evolution in marketing. 

Our approach has helped us deliver tangible results to our clients:

Understanding the basis of your marketing strategy is the key to being successful in your marketing activities - because when you know the destination, you can easily map out the most effective way to get there. This is true for you, as a company, and for us, as your marketing agency (or as we like to call it, your extended marketing department).  

Regardless of the industry you operate in - a construction company, dentistry, or even a university, the basis of driving business results through effective marketing lies in starting right. Understanding the core objective of everything you do - or simply knowing why you do what you do - will always help you make the right decisions when it comes to everyday marketing. Not every element of marketing fits every company, and knowing your destination will help you hand-pick the right tools and avenues to drive business results, instead of going with the flow.

So if you want to scale up your business and drive up your marketing ROI, make a note to start right. Ask the 3 core questions about your marketing activities to set up that foundation for your business. And if you need the experts to step in, Twin Creek Media’s extended marketing department with marketing and branding strategists, communication specialists, data analysts, social and paid media experts, web developers, and graphic designers are right here to help you succeed! 


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