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Meet Alannah: Marketing Coordinator

Self-aware, spontaneous, and highly educated - TCM’s newest goldfish shines in the creek!

Self-aware, spontaneous, and highly educated - TCM’s newest goldfish shines in the creek!

Our ever-expanding pond is excited to make space for a future dolphin reincarnation to join our creek – she may not like swimming in the deep ocean, but with her help, we hope to make the creek of marketing strategies easier to navigate.

With a bachelor’s degree in management studies and an MBA, Alannah comes to us hot off the press from Thompson Rivers University, equipped with all the tools she needs to shake up the marketing world with her spontaneity and courage to try new things. All qualities that we love in our Kelowna marketing company! Our team loves to have fun and be creative – imagine what our Bare Naked Ladies parody would have been like with Alannah’s unique perspective and contribution!

Everything you want to achieve is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Don’t let her impressive education and dedication to hard work fool you, though; Alannah is a creative individual at heart, with a diploma in fashion design and a passion for making art, inspired by her art teacher Mr. Rao. Art has been a big constant in Alannah’s life, whether sketching or painting, and she’s thrived under kind critique that’s grown her skills both in and outside of the classroom. Her attention to detail and focussed approach to handling problems surely stem from her artistic development, and while Alannah's admirable humility wouldn’t let her brag about how skilled she is – we will brag all day long about her talents.

(We’ve also got our fingers crossed for an artistic mashup with Alannah and our resident spray paint artist Kevin!)

You don’t need an extravagant concept/budget to convey your message; good targeting and relatable creativity will do the trick.

Kelowna is a fair hop and skip away from Alannah’s childhood in the coastal cities of Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India, but hopefully, the crashing waves of the Okanagan Lake remind her enough of reaching home that our glittering city starts to feel like one too. If not, our next team lunch might have to be her favourite pork spare ribs (cooked in a soy-based gravy her mom makes that is apparently SO delicious).

We’re thrilled to welcome this introspective tough cookie to our Kelowna digital marketing agency!

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