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Meet Jocelyn: Account Manager

The fish are biting this summer, and we’re happy to have another goldfish join our creek - especially one with as nice calligraphy as this one!

The fish are biting this summer, and we’re happy to have another goldfish join our creek - especially one with as nice calligraphy as this one!

We took inspiration from the Pied Piper and used music as bait for our next goldfish. The combination of piano, trumpets, trombones, and saxophones was so powerful we caught a whopper – a highly experienced combo project manager, production coordinator, and graphic designer. Even better, this facially expressive badass recharges her batteries with water, so our creek is a perfect fit!

Live a little, take those chances, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Jocelyn is a certifiable chameleon – versatile, adaptable, and curious – with a penchant for vibrant colours and an eye for detail that’s readily apparent in her wedding stationary design side hustle. Her passion for ink & paper comes in handy when we need help with print management and advertising, and her awareness of all the moving components of a project makes her excel in project management.

Before joining our Kelowna digital marketing company, Jocelyn kept busy as a graphic designer specializing in typography, branding, and identity, all while working full-time as a coordinator for Luxury Retreats and Airbnb. All this experience makes her the perfect spokesperson for TCM’sstrategy foundation when it comes to marketing.

All I really need in life to be happy is a lakefront property and good friends to share it with.

As an Okanagan local, Jocelyn knows how to play as hard as she works. She loves touring the local wineries and breweries, camping, snowboarding, and, of course, exploring one of the many beautiful bodies of water that make up Lake Okanagan. Her cat Frankie is also an adventurer and often accompanies Jocelyn on her exploits. After long days out, one of Jocelyn’s favourite meals to enjoy is Classy Chicken, which reminds us so fondly of a good 90s meal.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

With no patience for disorganization, indecisiveness, or lateness, Jocelyn is geared toward thrusting your business through our Marketing Roadmap for Success. She’s confident and takes no shit, but you can always get on her good side with a song or harmony. Once upon a time, she planned to pursue music therapy & music education, and even though we all agree she would have knocked it out of the park, the marketing world definitely benefits from her talents.

We’re thrilled to welcome this thriving powerhouse to our Kelowna marketing company!

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