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Account Manager

Who we are:

We are a virtual marketing department - an agency made up of pretty amazing people with epic skills and whole lot of drive. We work FOR our clients - helping them build their brand, the customer base, and their revenue.

What we need:

We need an Account Manager first and foremost. But everyone at Twin Creek wears a couple hats, so on the production side of things, we need a social media expert. Ideally you can create and manage publishing calendars for multiple companies, as well has know how to run paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. That would be perfect. Got another talent/skill that you think would work well in our agency? Let us know.

Who you are:

You are someone who wants to get the job done. You like organization and structure but also need some space to do it your way. You are eager to help clients and can wear different hats to support the team. 

What you'll do:

  • Work with clients to determine what needs to be done for their business and then figure out how to get it done.
  • Track project progress and make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Effectively communicate with clients in order to build working relationships and make them happy.
  • Collaborate with the TCM team to do things better and support each other.
  • Contribute directly to projects with your unique skill

What you've got:

  • A few years of experience working in an agency managing accounts or managing people.
  • Post-secondary education; could be in marketing, business, arts, or whatever.
  • The desire to be great - willing to work hard and reap the benefits.

This position is in-house in Kelowna, BC & full-time. The salary for this position is a range between $50,000 and $70,000, depending on experience and skills. We also provide a flexible work schedule/environment and a custom benefits package.

About you:

You are someone who wants to get the job done... you have a small fire burning in your soul and you need to make cool things happen. You like organization and structure but also need some space to do it your way. You are eager to help clients and can wear different hats to support the team. You have worked in a marketing department somewhere before or have previous agency experience.

Basic skills you'll need to survive:

  • Be able to both work in a team and on your own
  • Take initiative, be a self-starter, own your work
  • Think critically; you're not a robot
  • Be fearless, share your ideas, and make things better
  • Ability to problem-solve under pressure
  • Familiar using a Mac computer
  • Familiar with Google Suite (Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Docs)
  • Excellent time-management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Honesty and integrity—own up to your mistakes quickly and learn from them

What you'll be doing:

Our Account Managers will assign you tasks. Lots of tasks! You'll juggle all kinds of work for different companies, in different industries. Never a dull moment!

  • Strategy Work
    • Market research, gathering stats, industry info, trends - you're no stranger to hunting & gathering on Google.
    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking - your analytical brain loves running reports, creating summaries and comparisons.
    • Google Keyword Tool, keyword research, search engine ranking factors, and on-page SEO knowledge - you know how to improve a website's ranking.
    • Work with other media companies and contractors (gathering quotes, details, samples, project info).

  • Design Work
    • You don't need any serious design skills, but the ability to open Photoshop or Illustrator and tweak or resize things is needed.
    • Writing and blogging - you don't need to be a great writer (we have people for that), but your proofreading, formatting, SEO, and publishing skills need to be excellent.
    • Update clients’ websites with new content through their content management system. No real coding is necessary, but basic HTML knowledge is required.
    • Communicate clearly and directly with team members concerning performance expectations, productivity, and accountability.

  • Advertising Work
    • Setup and management of Google Search Ads & Display Ads
    • Setup and management of Social media ads and sponsored content
    • Performance reporting - you need to slice and dice data like a ninja running their blade through 5 watermelons in the air (using software tools AND grade 9 math skills).
    • We use lots of software tools and you'll learn them. Inevitably, we need a custom report so Google Sheets is our tool of choice for number crunching. You need to know how to use formulas and link cells & sheets up.
    • Analysis - you read numbers and then explain it in English to everyone else. If you don't know the answer, you find it fast, because you're a nerdy Sherlock Holmes like that.

What you've got:

  • College or University Degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising, Design, Computer something-or-other
  • If you don't have the piece of paper, do you have evidence that you have deep knowledge? Show us.