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Marketing Coordinator

What we need

Jump-start your marketing career with us!

Twin Creek Media is on the hunt for a Marketing Coordinator to add to our growing team. Collaborating with our Account Management team, the role is a combination of administration and marketing activities. Our agency works with loads of companies across Western Canada and you’ll play a part in helping them succeed. Each day is different and exciting—you'll constantly learn new things and see the impact your work has.

Have a flair for communication? This role will also include the ability to plan, create, edit, and execute a variety of communications—from email newsletters to blog articles to ad messaging. Writing, editing, formatting abilities are absolutely key. An eye for design is very important too, but graphic design skills aren’t necessary.

This position starts at entry-level but your potential to grow is huge.

What you'll be doing

  • Work with the Account Managers to carry out daily administrative tasks— helping to organize things in our software (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and
  • Update clients’ websites with new content through their content management system - some writing, editing, formatting involved.
  • Office admin duties, including taking phone calls from potential & current clients (which you’ll redirect to other people)
  • Research: mostly Googling and finding information to enter into a document or spreadsheet.
  • Work with other media companies and contractors (gathering quotes, details, samples, project info, etc.)
  • Communicate clearly and directly with team members concerning performance expectations, productivity, and accountability
  • Support Account Managers and clients by planning, writing, and editing content for different channels
  • Work with contract writers and bloggers on topics, content, scheduling, accuracy, and publishing deadlines
  • Spreadsheet work - basic organization of data with easy formulas (nothing beyond Grade 8 math but dates, dollars, decimals, percentages are common)

Skills you'll need to survive:

  • Be able to both work in a team and on your own, take initiative, and own your work
  • Think critically; you're not a robot, be fearless, share your ideas, and make things better
  • Experience and passion for creating email newsletters, blogs, press releases, and other digital content
  • Familiar using a Mac computer and using Google Suite (Gmail, Sheets, Docs)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication; writing skills and strong spelling/grammar; and a passion for writing.
  • Excellent time-management. You need to be a good multitasker. Some days you’ll have 5 big things to do, other days you have 50 small things.
  • Honesty and integrity—own up to your mistakes quickly and learn from them


  • Marketing or agency experience
  • Experience in search engine optimization, graphic design, website design, photography, video production & editing
  • Industry Certifications: Meta Business, Google, etc.
  • Nerd cred (music, art, pop culture, etc)


  • Relevant College/University diploma/degree

Money, time, and pace:

Our marketing agency is fast-paced and the nature of the work changes all the time. You'll have easy weeks and crazy weeks.

We give people a lot of freedom, so motivated people do better than people that need micro-managing. You'll have a great annual salary, vacation time & flex time.

We don't work by the hour and you don't get paid by the hour. Did you come in at 7am, 8:30am, 9:15am? Did you leave at 3:50pm, 5:15pm, 7pm? Doesn't matter too much. Some days will be long, others short. Most weeks hover in the 40hr range, some are shorter, some are longer. Agency life isn’t a perfect routine. There's no overtime, but there's balance. We're more concerned about results and doing great work that our clients love. When our clients win, we win.

This position is a hybrid position—3 days a week are in the office with the whole team (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 2 days a week are work-from-home or wherever you want (Monday & Friday). The salary for this position is a range between $36,000 and $50,000, depending on experience and skills.

We offer perks and flexibility so you can have fun and enjoy life. We live in Kelowna for a reason, right?! Life's too short to hate what you do every day, so let's build something great together.


  • Monthly cell phone credit
  • Health benefits
  • Casual dress (Flannel shirt? Graphic tee? Korean fashion runway? Go for it!)
  • Fun team lunches, outings, conferences, etc.