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Sr Graphic Designer / Videographer

What we need

Twin Creek Media is on the hunt for a Senior Graphic Designer / Videographer to add to our growing team. Collaborating with our Account Management team, the role is a combination of graphic design, website design, and video production. Our agency works with loads of companies across Canada and you’ll play a part in helping them succeed. Each day is different and exciting—you'll constantly learn new things and see the impact your work has.


Location: Kelowna, BC. Yes, it's local. It's not remote. It's NOT remote.

PS. You cannot work remote other than Monday and Friday (like the rest of our in-house team). Your desk in our cool office is waiting!

Just in case, you are one of the 250 people that apply from Malaysia, Philippines, Africa, South America, Antarctica, your tree fort..... SORRY. You must be local. We work with lots of remote contractors, but this position is local, in-person, in our office in Kelowna, British Columbia. We've done all remote, all office, and like a hybrid model the best. Small, creative teams that sit in the same room(s) 3 days a week are fast, happy, creative, and efficient. We're not changing our minds about it. 

Design-Video Unicorn Wanted!

Okay, time to get real. We're looking for a Senior Designer - if you don't have 7+ years industry experience, please don't apply. But it gets weirder. We need somebody that can design anything marketing related (print, web, brand, logo, ads, etc.) AND has epic video production / shooting / editing skills. Yes, we're looking for a bit of a design unicorn. If you are an amazing designer but aren't good at video, sorry, this position isn't for you. If you're Ms./Mr. Video but can't design lots of brand, website, and print stuff, sorry, this position isn't for you.

This is a senior position. $70,000 to $90,000 salary + perks. 

Hmm... 2 better than 1?

Are you a video ninja and your business partner is a design warrior? Or vice versa? Let's talk. If you think that your 2-person agency is absolutely the perfect fit for Twin Creek, then we're all ears. Let's talk. You don't have to be employees. We can have a preferred contractor relationship. Or we can hire you. Or we can acquire you (after we've established we work well together). But we're not looking for project-by-project contractors - we already have those.

We have urgent and "right-now" or last-minute deadlines, plus big projects, plus a quick edit, and somebody needs you in meeting this afternoon... you know what we're sayin'? If you can't commit 2/3rds to full-time-ish, or you're out of town a lot, it's not going to work. And you still need to be available to work for us Mon - Fri, and be in our office Tues, Wed, Thurs.


What you'll be doing

  • Stay organized in our fast-paced environment — you need to know Macs because we all use Macs and the Google Suite: Drive, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, plus Microsoft Office.
  • Check in and manage your tasks in our project management software - Other people will run whole client projects but you may run pieces of them.
  • Design — 60% of the role is probably design related. You will be designing A LOT of things: logo and branding, full website mockups, website wireframes, website elements/icons, digital ads & banners, social media graphics, email marketing templates/graphics, trade show materials, print ads, brochures, posters, stationery, vector elements for video and motion graphic projects. You need to be pro with the Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Sometimes other tools come in play, like Canva, ChatGPT, etc.
  • Video — 40% of the role is probably video work. Ideally you can produce videos start to finish— plan, write scripts/storyboards, direct, shoot, ingest, colour grade, edit, add FX, animate, design supporting graphics, mix basic audio voice/music, export in various formats. We shoot with a Canon R7 and lapel mics or shotgun mics, tripod or gimbal, sometimes with lights and softboxes. Sometimes we shoot with an iPhone. We shoot and edit in 4K.
    If you can't do it all, at a minimum, you can edit footage like a rockstar. You work in Adobe Premiere (for video) and After Effects (for animation) and know the rest of the Adobe Suite really well. Animation isn't a big part of the job; we don't make cartoons or anything, although the odd "explainer video" project comes along that we create in PowToons or something similar. Animation in our world means logo reveals, kinetic text, motion graphic sequences. We work with a lot of templates and simple effects so you have to know how to edit any of them.
    Audio production is part of every video - mostly licensing background music and mixing voiceovers or recorded voice. You'll need basic audio editing skills too. See Twin Creek's Youtube channel for an idea of the videos we make. They're all short marketing videos, company profiles, customer testimonials, commercials, explainers, podcasts, social clips/shorts, and the odd music video.
  • Potentially work with other media companies and contractors (gathering quotes, details, samples, project info, files, etc.).
  • Communicate clearly and directly with team members concerning performance expectations, productivity, and accountability.
  • You'll be creating content for lots of companies - retail and fun, business and serious, industrial & tech - so you need to adjust your style to fit ANY INDUSTRY.
  • You'll be working  directly with clients (sometimes) and Twin Creek's team (all the time) and need to play well with others. If your ego can't handle letting go of your favourite idea and going with someone else's idea... well, you've probably changed careers by now. ;-)


Skills you'll need to survive:

  • Be able to both work in a team and on your own, take initiative, and own your work.
  • Think critically. Be fearless, share your ideas, and make things better. Push the envelope, stay current, and learn new things.
  • AI is a neat tool - learn how to use it!
  • Familiar using a Mac computer and using Google Suite (Gmail, Sheets, Docs).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication; mediocre creative writing skills but able to spellcheck with the best of 'em. (Hint: we use Grammarly).
  • Excellent time-management. You need to be a good multitasker. Some days you’ll have 5 big things to do, other days you have 50 small things.
  • Speed. You're fast, but not so fast that your work is full of mistakes.
  • Honesty and integrity — own up to your mistakes quickly and learn from them.
  • Give feedback to the clients and team. Take feedback from clients and the team.


  • 7yrs+ design, video, and marketing experience.
  • Have worked at a marketing agency.
  • Owned your own agency or have been a contractor to an agency at some point.
  • Have you worked in a small team setting (2-15 people) for a while? Historically, these people are the best fit for us.
  • Note: used to big-corp/enterprise life? If you've worked in a big team setting for a while, 20 to 100+ people, you might have a hard time fitting in here.
  • Experience in any other Twin Creek Media service beyond design and video
  • Industry Certifications: Meta Business, Google, etc.
  • Nerd cred (music, art, pop culture, etc)
  • Awards



  • Relevant College/University diploma/degree (but your portfolio is way more important)


Money, time, and pace:

Our marketing agency is fast-paced and the nature of the work changes all the time. You'll have easy weeks and crazy weeks.

We give people a lot of freedom, so motivated people do better than people that need micro-managing. You'll have a great annual salary, vacation time & flex time.

We don't work by the hour and you don't get paid by the hour. Did you come in at 7am, 8:30am, 9:15am? Did you leave at 3:50pm, 5:15pm, 7pm? Doesn't matter too much. Some days will be long, others short. Most weeks hover in the 40hr range, some are shorter, some are longer. Agency life isn’t a perfect routine. There's no overtime, but there's balance. We're more concerned about results and doing great work that our clients love. When our clients win, we win.

This position is a hybrid position—3 days a week are in the office with the whole team (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and 2 days a week are work-from-home or wherever you want (Monday & Friday). The salary for this position is a range between $70,000 to $90,000, depending on experience and skills.

We offer perks and flexibility so you can have fun and enjoy life. We live in Kelowna for a reason, right?! Life's too short to hate what you do every day, so let's build something great together.



  • Monthly cell phone credit (in-lieu of company phone for client calls during remote days)
  • Negotiable vacation days and health spending account (get more of what you value most)
  • Casual dress (Flannel shirt? Graphic tee? Korean fashion runway? Go for it!)
  • $500/year company money to donate to a charity
  • Education fund (workshops, courses)
  • Fun team lunches, outings, conferences, etc.


How to apply:

Please email us your resume & a link to your portfolio:

Thanks for applying! 
Please note that we'll only be replying to those we've shortlisted.