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Massive brand exposure and a diversified advertising strategy support Kimco's expansion in central and eastern BC.

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A Technology Company That Puts People First

Since 1984, Kimco has been a leading Okanagan HVAC, building automation, and electrical services company. Four decades of operations have seen the team grow to over 70 employees across 3 offices. This is just the beginning of the Kimco story as they continue to push the boundaries of building control systems for a greener tomorrow.

I appreciated the consistency and the organization in creating our new website. I am so impressed by the work that was done— it looks amazing! Ken Watt, Director of Business Development, Kimco



New sources of business

Once we launched Kimco’s new marketing strategy, they were suddenly everywhere that their customers were hanging out. Stories and messages reached their intended audience across diverse media - both digital and traditional.


More website visitors

Brand impressions were actually lower than before, but reaching 100,000s of people each month that care about you matters more than reaching millions that don’t. Proof? Website site traffic increased by 300%. The right people are finding Kimco - the ones that want their services and take action.


Monthly inquiries

Launch. Measure. Pivot. Optimize. Relaunch. Advertising is so beautiful. Ideas, images, stories, emotion. Yes, yes! But numbers are cool too! Performance reporting is what gives us the ability to help Kimco put their budget to good use now, and even better use in the future.

Project story


“We’re Better Than We Look, We Really Are”

You’ve heard it said that brands are essentially reputations. Kimco’s reputation was already fantastic when we met them. Nothing to worry about there. What was letting them down was all the brand assets - all the stuff people saw across the Okanagan - web, print, social media, ads, news stories, (non-existent) photos & videos. At Twin Creek Media sometimes our job is simply to help you look as good as you actually are. When everything about your company says “avoid me, I’m on the verge of failure” but in reality, your company is strong and healthy, you know there’s a brand mismatch. We had the pleasure of throwing away Kimco’s broken mirror and holding up a new one that showed a true reflection.

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Services provided


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Keyword List & Rankings
  • Goal Setting
  • Annual Marketing Budget & Projections
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Campaign Development
  • Value Proposition & Messaging
  • Sample Ads & Templates
  • Action Plan
  • Magazine Ads
  • Photography
  • Marketing Videos
  • Social Media Setup
  • Website Design
  • Case Studies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Blog Publication
  • Media Release Distribution
  • Pillar Content Creation
  • Okanagan Online Advertising Networks
  • Employee Recruitment Campaign
  • Performance Reporting
We're a growing company, so Twin Creek helped us attract new team members with employment outreach. Combining recruiting with marketing just makes a lot of sense. Mark H., Owner/HR/Accounting, Kimco