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Multi-generational family businesses often need a little help telling their story. Inevitably, growth follows.

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Home-grown Success

The Greenery is a family owned and operated garden centre in Kelowna, BC. For over 35 years they have grown one of the largest selections of garden plants in the province. This retail business is also respected source of gardening information.

We were voted top five in BC for small business marketing award, and that's in direct relation to what Twin Creek Media has done for us. Kirsten Segler, The Greenery Garden Centre
The Greenery



Facebook fans

7,000 Facebook fans may not seem like a lot, but for a single retailer in a city of 150,000, it represents a core community of customers, supporters, and influencers. It’s now one of The Greenery’s most powerful communications channels.


Email subscribers

Email marketing is a very powerful and very cost-effective communications channel. Subscribers love the timely, local, and relevant plant and gardening information. The weekly newsletter has also been known to trigger product sell-out situations.


Gift certificate ROI

Online gift certificates are a convenient way for shoppers to buy without coming to the store in-person. For retailers, It’s nearly like a license to print money… no kidding. Most of the process is automated. It’s a great additional revenue stream.

Project story


Building a Community of Happy Gardeners

Dating back to the early 2000s, Twin Creek’s team has been the garden centre’s go-to partner for all things “computer”. From website management to inventory apps, and online gift certificate sales, our team handles the technical side of marketing and communications. Over the years, social media, email and traditional advertising roles have blossomed, as we encouraged people to “shop local”. The business is a true home-grown success, and we’ve been inspired by working alongside them.

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Services provided

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Keyword List & Rankings
  • Goal Setting
  • Annual Marketing Budget & Projections
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Campaign Development
  • Value Proposition & Messaging
  • Sample Ads & Templates
  • Action Plan
  • Magazine Ads
  • Photography
  • Marketing Videos
  • Social Media Setup
  • Website Design
  • Case Studies
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Blog Publication
  • Media Release Distribution
  • Pillar Content Creation
  • Okanagan Online Advertising Networks
  • Employee Recruitment Campaign
  • Performance Reporting
Twin Creek Media is very unique in that they can do everything - some companies just specialize or focus on one aspect of marketing, but they can do it all! You don't have to go shopping around to do each little aspect separately, you can get everything done with TCM.   Kirsten Segler, The Greenery Garden Centre
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