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Ongoing Marketing & Advertising

Time to execute the plan. This may include a website launch, marketing campaign launch or special project.  This stage is where the work in the strategy and design stages pays off.

As data rolls in... ad impression numbers, engagement rates clicks to your website, form submission, online quotes, brochure downloads, phone calls, sales... our team measures what's working the best.  Measuring allows us to pivot quickly and continuously improve performance each month.

it's go time

  • Pillar Content Creation
    Publishing content that your customers love is one of the pillars of marketing. People trust you as an expert and Google sees you as an authority.  Our team creates blog posts, case studies, company news, infographics, FAQs, videos, and more, so your company has a constant stream of fresh info for customers (and for Google!)
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Twin Creek is a Google Certified Partner. We can help you business rank higher on Google, which leads to more website visitors and more customers. The impact on your business is huge.
  • Reputation Management
    Online reviews, votes, thumbs up, thumbs down… people are talking! Managing your online reputation is now a part of marketing that’s too important to ignore. We have the experience and tools to help.
  • Media Releases
    Create a buzz and establish authority with local media, or distribute to national outlets. Leverage Twin Creek’s writing team and media distribution network.
  • Social Media Management
    Through a collaborative approach to social media, we work with you for great 2-way communication on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • Major Online Advertising Networks
    Increase brand awareness and drive more website traffic with Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube ads, etc. Our team manages $100,000s annually for many different companies, with direct access to the latest tools and experts. We currently manage hyper-local, provincial, Canada-wide, and USA campaigns. Plus, there’s not 1 penny of markup on ads.
  • Okanagan Online Advertising Networks
    Increase brand awareness and drive more website traffic through local ads that appear on Daily Courier, Capital News, Castanet, NowMedia Group properties such as KelownaNow, online directories like YellowPages, InfoTel, or specialty sites like Tourism Kelowna.
  • Email Newsletters
    Still one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics, growing an email list, and sending out regular updates is a great way to stay top of mind and drive web traffic.
  • Traditional Media Planning/Buying
    Having the right mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics is really important to your overall success. Our friends are your friends— all the Okanagan radio, TV, newspaper, and magazines. Twin Creek Media is independently owned and recommendations are unbiased.
  • Direct Mail
    A time-tested traditional advertising tactic, snail mailing postcards, flyers, unaddressed or addressed bulk mail has it’s place. Depending on the industry, direct mail can work very well. Our direct mail services handle design, printing, and delivery. Plus we measure results!
  • Phone Call Tracking
    One of our favourite ways of tracking the performance of a certain ad or marketing channel is by using a unique phone number for it that forwards to your normal line. When you know what’s making your phone ring, you can make better strategic decisions.
  • Monthly Performance Reporting
    Our team is analytical and is always getting the most out of your marketing dollars. Twin Creek’s performance reports show you what’s working and what’s not. We use hard numbers to make informed decisions. Your monthly marketing campaign becomes a continuous improvement loop.

Big Idea: let's build a sales funnel that works

Both B2C and B2B businesses benefit from optimizing each step of the sales funnel, although the tactics and tools are different.  Twin Creek Media has worked with many different industries and has the experience to add real value. 

We strive for 10x ROI for our clients.  Give us $1 for marketing and we'll work to give you $10 back in revenue.  Sometimes less, sometimes way more.  The point is that we're actually paying attention and measuring it!

When every step of your sales funnel is improved, your results are multiplied.
Sometimes math is your friend. Below is typical scenario.

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