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While ranking organically takes months (even years), paid ads are like flipping a switch. Increase brand awareness and drive more website traffic with Google ads. As a certified Google Partner, we understand the formula for creating exceptional pay-per-click ads (PPC), aka search ads or text ads. The same goes for graphic ads– the targeted banner ads and remarketing ads that you see on many websites. Our team manages $100,000s of ad spend across local, regional, Canada-wide, and USA campaigns. Bonus: there’s not 1 penny of markup on ads.

This service is bundled with other items into a monthly marketing program.

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Metal Structure Concepts
Pay-per-click Ads (PPC)

Pay-per-click Ads (PPC)

Search ads are very unique. First of all, the ad only shows in a geographical area you specify and is triggered by someone's relevant Google (or Bing) search. If a web user clicks your ad, you pay a small fee - often in the range of 50 cents to a few dollars, depending on the exact keyword. If the person doesn't click, you don't spend a penny. We've found Google and Bing Search ads to be really effective for most companies.

  • while you're waiting for organic traffic to come through, search ads can give you immediate "top of page 1" results.
  • search ads are very scalable - choose when, where, and who sees your ads. Dial up or dial down as you see fit.
  • ROI is generally high because people want a solution at the exact moment your ad shows up.

    Display Ads

    Picture a billboard. However, instead of being on the side of a highway, it's on the side of your Internet browser. Display Ads do just that, reaching potential customers through websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and even Gmail accounts!

    • the visual nature of display ads makes them ideal for building your brand - it's storytelling time!
    • display ads are less expensive than PPC ads and will reach at least 90% of web users
    • immediate ROI is much lower than search ads (PPC), but long-term brand awareness builds up over time.
    • display ads can retarget people who've been warmed up via other ads (social media, etc).
        Display Ads
        Creating revenue generating programs, projects and contests with positive & measureable results - Twin Creek Media always delivers! I have had truly the pleasure of working with the Twin Creek Media team for 3 years now. Starting with a complete website makeover, monitoring my SEO, continually tweaking where necessary, building contests, and educating me. Brenda Rayburn, Kelowna Best Western PLUS Hotel & Suites


        Increased brand awareness due to digital ads


        More brand-specific searches when running display ads


        Higher chances of conversion with retargeted ads


        National avg of $2 earned for every $1 spent on search ads
        (our avg ROAS is way higher!)
        Our experience working with Twin Creek Media has been great. We've doubled in revenue since our first year of operations, and Twin Creek has been able to grow with us. They've always come up with great innovative new marketing ideas. Kyle Spence, Downtown Marina
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