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As your potential market grows bigger, 100s of customers become 1000s, then 10,000s. Regional advertising evolves into national advertising. Twin Creek's team is adept at using major national media channels to reach your perfect customer. Getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time is more important than ever. Programmatic advertising adds even more laser-focused options. Results are measured so every dollar is accounted for.

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Scouts Canada
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enter the big leagues

Enter the big leagues

When you want to reach 100,000s or more likely millions of people, major ad networks are the ticket.

Major networks include:

  • Google Search & Display (link to separate page)
  • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X (aka Twitter), TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Amazon E-Commerce
  • Google AdMob
  • Private Advertising Networks (niche or access to exclusive websites)
  • Offline platforms (radio, TV, billboards, bus ads, airport ads, direct mail, phone)

Our team typically manages ad campaigns on these major networks manually for specific strategies and budgets, but if the strategy is broader, a programmatic advertising approach may be a better fit.

    Real-time bidding

    When your audience is scattered among the general population across Canada and/or the USA, programmatic advertising is a great strategy. Using heaps of data points to match your company’s offering to individual people, these campaigns are ultra-specific. It’s like handing out a coupon for a cupcake just as somebody is thinking about buying a cupcake.

    Using real-time bidding on programmatic advertising platforms, Twin Creek Media can manage your national “just in time” campaign with measurable ROAS (return on ad spend).

          real-time bidding
          The Twin Creek team has been awesome to work with on our campaigns. They have supported us with expertise and patience while introducing my team to the mysterious world of social media. The insight they were able to provide our team has meant we have spent money wisely on website design, social media awareness and volunteer recruitment campaigns. Twin Creek is a great partner! Fiona Nicholson, Scouts Canada
          programmatic media

          Programmatic media

          Here are some channels we'll use if you have big ideas for a national campaign. they are taking up the world of programmatic advertisements by storm. Each channel has pros and cons, but it’s all about connecting with your target audience (cost-effectively) and getting the best results!

          • Addressable - highly geo-fenced mail, you can now target household addresses
          • CTV - connected TV ads on streaming video apps
          • Mobile - highly geo-fenced mobile ads; connect with your audience on the move
          • Video - online, in-store, outdoor
          • Display - highly targeted digital ads
          • Native - sponsored website content that looks like regular editorial content
          • Audio - audio ads on streaming networks, like Spotify


          Mobile display ads are programmatic


          Spend on connected TV commercials


          B2B marketers use programmatic ads to meet their campaign goals


          Higher response rates to native ads than traditional display ads
          The results of the work that Twin Creek Media has done have been very very quick to appear, very tangible results. The level of service that I've received is excellent. Karine Lawrence, Sirocco Food + Wine Consulting
          From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel

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