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We're a big fan of hybrid teams– you and us. We wouldn't go so far as to say Twin Creek Media offers fractional CMO roles to our clients, but sometimes we come close. Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager, who heads up strategy, team leadership, organization, project management of tasks, timelines, and budgets. Together, we're the head & heart, and it doesn't stop there... we have a whole team ready to take action.

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We've managed 100s of projects over the years, some small, some massive, some ongoing, for great organizations like...

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Berry Architecture
City of Kelowna
Slimline Manufacturing
Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
Plan B Contractors
Scouts Canada
The Greenery
FH&P Lawyers
the head

The head

We use the words "head" and "heart" quite often around here. It's because we believe that marketing (well, business in general) needs both. Cold logic without passion and empathy might work, but you won't have many friends along the way. On the flip side, emotion-fueled journeys sometimes burn themselves up mid-flight when a lack of planning and direction overcomes best intentions.

  • benefit from fractional CMO aspects of management: our team is stacked with MBAs, Bachelors, and skilled technicians to add strength to your in-house team
  • years of real-world experience means less guessing and faster results
  • benchmarking, analysis, and continuous improvement are always on our minds

    The heart

    Creativity springs from the heart. Ideas and designs are born out of emotion - something better, something useful, something we need. What to do and how to do are strategic questions, but why is the underlying motivation that keeps us moving in tough times.

    Management must have heart, otherwise, advertising campaigns get stale and the team loses hope. Managing our clients' marketing campaigns is exciting. We like our jobs, so that's a good start! Working with owners and directors is really rewarding. The level of transparency in mid-sized companies isn't found in large enterprise-level companies. This is why we love working with $2M-$20M size companies so much - there's so much heart!

        the heart
        More than marketing, Twin Creek Media has helped us evaluate our approach to marketing and listened to our unique business needs. With their guidance, we have new tools to showcase the business and a stronger understanding of what to develop next. Thanks, team! Shannon Pearson, DENT Construction
        We’re always getting great guidance and support from Twin Creek, THEY GET IT! Teresa and Thomas specifically are a real pleasure to work with. Kevin Jardine, Snore MD


        Average annual growth experienced by companies that hire a fractional CMO

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        Common business owner answer to "Why are you doing this marketing tactic vs. that"?


        Compound growth of the digital marketing industry every year, 2020-2026


        Less cost outsourcing marketing management to Twin Creek vs. hiring an employee
        They took all of our needs, packaged them up, they identified what our needs really were, they identified areas that we weren't doing well in our advertising. They packaged it all together, they found out how to correct the problem, and have just been really responsive. Allan Horwood, Pool Patrol
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