Performance Reporting

Constant measurement leads to constant improvement

Our team is very analytical and always strives to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Twin Creek’s performance reports show you what’s working and what’s not. We use hard numbers to make informed decisions. Your monthly marketing campaign results feed into a continuous improvement loop. Math is our friend, and we want to be yours. Ouch. That was cheesy. Sorry.

This service is bundled with other items into a monthly marketing program.

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You're in good company

We've reported for many moons for some of the best companies around... companies that have grown collectively by tens of millions. Here's a small sample:

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Kuipers Peak
Berry Architecture
Space Centre Storage
Pool Patrol
Uniform Shop
Bighorn Moving and Storage
FH&P Lawyers
aardvarks & analytics

Aardvarks & analytics

The aardvark gets its name from a South African word meaning “earth pig.” Performance reports feel pretty much like earth pigs or maybe data pigs to some people. Truth is, they're stuffed full of valuable information that can be used to improve your marketing efforts.

We've been crunching numbers for years, and we've seen the impact of data-based decisions. Good changes result in $100,000s saved or earned (even millions in some cases). Some changes are swift and decisive. Others are continuous, small adjustments to campaigns, web pages, messages, ads, images, keywords, etc.

    Fun with funnels

    A key page of each monthly report is the marketing funnel page. It's a table that shows your organization's marketing performance in a nutshell - from first-touch brand awareness all the way to sales or leads. At a glance, you can see if you're winning or losing vs. goals. (It also means that Twin Creek, as your extended marketing department, has nowhere to hide. We don't shy away from accountability.)

    The funnel is then broken down to track individual marketing channels and campaign performance:

    • Google rankings, SEO and organic website visitor levels
    • Paid ad performance - Google, social media, networks, display, etc.
    • Key growth areas - media mentions, social media profile likes, comments, shares
    • Lead generation - see who is reaching out (plus all kinds of insight about them)
    • Sales attribution - see what's is driving your bottom line
          fun with funnels
          Working with the team at Twin Creek Media has been an outstanding experience.... they often show a proactive approach and have the measurables to back it up. Their reporting is extremely detailed and covers all the bases. I would highly recommend Twin Creek Media for your marketing and digital needs." Ryan Watters, FH&P Lawyers


          Lowest ROI multiple our team has achieved on a particular ad (now you know we're transparent)


          Highest (annual) ROI multiple our team has achieved ($1 spent returned $285 in revenue)


          More likely to succeed when measuring results vs. not measuring


          Incremental performance improvement due to regular review and adjustments
          The results of the work that Twin Creek Media has done have been very very quick to appear, very tangible results. The level of service that I've received is excellent. Karine Lawrence, Sirocco Food + Wine Consulting
          From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel

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