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Publishing content that your customers love is one of the basics of marketing. The benefits are people trust you as an expert, and Google sees you as an authority, which leads to higher rankings. We use a modern creation process that starts with pillar content and ends with distribution across many channels, maximizing your bang for your buck. Our team creates blog posts, podcasts, case studies, company news, infographics, FAQs, videos, and more so your company has a constant stream of fresh information.

This service is bundled with other items into a monthly marketing program.

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We publish pillar content for 1,000,000s of eyeballs every month and keep a spotlight shining on our clients, such as...

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Okanagan Insulation Services
Bighorn Moving and Storage
Synergy Landscaping
Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
Snore MD
Berry Architecture
FH&P Lawyers
pillar power

Pillar power

Pillar content can be a real gem for businesses, not only by putting out relevant fresh content for your audience to engage with but can have a significant impact on Google rankings (SEO). It typically includes long-form pieces of content like blogs, vlogs, videos or podcasts.

These pieces of content are an ideal way to share the latest news, industry trends, customer success stories, how-to's, or product or service announcements. Content always has two important audiences: humans and Google bots. :-)

      Create once, distribute many times

      Pillar content takes a lot of time and effort to create, but it's all worth it when 1000s of people see it, comment and share, and new business opportunities arise. It's a recipe for success. Ingredients such as headlines, images, statistics, structure, scripts, and sharing buttons are all considered when cooking up a post. The main idea behind distribution is to break it into bite-sized morsels of information and teasers that grab the attention of your target audience. Distribution can include:

      • website blog or podcast
      • social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
      • Youtube
      • email newsletters
      • online press releases
      • industry magazine or news website advertorial
      • Google My Business profile
          create once, distribute many times
          As owner of MSC Metal Structure Concepts - we wanted to breathe fresh life into our corporate presence and redesign our website. Twin Creek has far exceeded our expectations and has definitely increased our online presence. We have already noticed an increase in inquiries and revenues as a result of Twin Creek's marketing strategies. Best of all, the owner and employees at Twin Creek are down-to-earth real people that care about the work they do, and it shows in their performance. I would highly recommend Twin Creek to any company that wants to increase their online presence and grow their business. Steve Ivanitz, Metal Structure Concepts
          who has the time? we do!

          Who has the time? We do!

          The challenge with creating good content is time...it takes time to craft a meaningful and optimized piece. Twin Creek Media has a team of dedicated (and talented, I might add) writers, photographers, videographers and designers who are just waiting to create delicious content for you.

          We’ll start with a strategy—identifying themes and frequency, source keywords related to your business and industry, and then put pen to paper (ok, fingers to keyboard) to generate pillar content that will support your business goals.


            Higher Google rankings after 6-12 months of creating & distributing pillar content

            1 to 4

            Pieces monthly pillar content we create for each client


            Online purchases as a result of articles read


            Gain in social media post efficiency when following a content calendar
            I totally would recommend... actually to be honest I've probably recommended about half a dozen different customers already. Ryan O, Fresh Air
            From Twin Creek Media's YouTube Channel

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