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Public relations and media releases are 2 sides of the same coin. Media releases, also called press releases, are about about creating a buzz... using a metaphoric megaphone to get the word out about your brand. Public relations, for the mid-sized companies we work with, is more about quality relationships, showing your passion and support for a cause, and fostering goodwill in a community... creating mega-friends. Local or national - you can leverage Twin Creek’s writing team and media distribution network.

This service is bundled with other items into a monthly marketing program.

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Got news?

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It starts with a great headline—something that grabs attention and says “read more”. Then we highlight the key points of your message, adding some personality and a human angle to it. The goal is to spark a desire for more in the minds of your readers.

Media releases are a brilliant way to gain more publicity about the latest product, service, development, or staff addition. It’s your chance to toot your horn and show off a bit without an ego. Distribution of a media release can result in both off-line and on-line reproduction...a great way to get new customers and website traffic.

    Relations, as in public

    Megacorps have entire PR firms (along with lawyers) managing their public image and never-ending stream of problems. Luckily, we're not them. And you're not them. Mid-sized businesses usually have fewer media firestorms to worry about, which leaves more time for more positive public relations activities.

    Our team seeks opportunities to support your corporate mission, vision and values. From golf tournaments to food banks, doggy walkathons, to Special Olympics - we've been involved in tons of events over the years. Whatever cause is close to your heart is an opportunity for your business to give back. Twin Creek is here to help with coordination and communication.

        relations, as in public
        Working with the team at Twin Creek Media has been an outstanding experience. James, Teresa and Thomas are excellent communicators and are always keeping our Firm up to date with our marketing campaigns and initiatives. They often show a proactive approach and have the measurables to back it up. Their reporting is extremely detailed and covers all the bases. I would highly recommend Twin Creek Media for your marketing and digital needs. Ryan Watters, FH&P Lawyers


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        Pickups (republications) on average that we see from online press releases
        They took all of our needs, packaged them up, they identified what our needs really were, they identified areas that we weren't doing well in our advertising. They packaged it all together, they found out how to correct the problem, and have just been really responsive. Allan Horwood, Pool Patrol
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